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The Client

Stella is an online clinic for menopause offering affordable, personalised menopause care. They provide access to all treatment options, including HRT, plus personalised plans to manage symptoms, ongoing support and community through their menopause app.


The Challenge

Stella had good-quality content online, but the brand was struggling with organic traffic – informational menopause content is a crowded field, with plenty of competitors on key SERPs. However, it was also really important to the Stella team to retain their focus on authentic voices, with content from women who were sharing their own experiences with menopause, alongside expert guides from clinicians.

Ahead of their new ‘Symptoms’ hub launch, we were challenged to help boost their visibility and help introduce Stella to a wider audience, while still maintaining their own-voice content to genuinely support women going through menopause.

The Strategy

We conducted a bespoke technical and content audit, looking at every page on the Stella site. We audited every page, from important landing pages to The Latest, which housed both blog and longer-form informational content.

Keyword research

As part of this work, we did in-depth competitor research and SERP analysis for every keyword we recommended, in order to find the best options for Stella to target. Because almost every article on their site will talk about menopause in one way or another, getting the keyword mapping right was essential, to cut down on the risk of cannibalisation across the site.

Content clusters

As so many of the recommended topics for Stella were around very long-tail keywords, we also focused on internal linking to help Google recognise and understand our content clusters.

We worked closely with the Stella team to make sure the new symptoms pages were well linked to across the site to help Google discover them.

On-page optimisation

For every page we recommended keeping on-site, we made detailed recommendations for optimisation that the Stella team could carry out, with clear notes on how to improve each page, including sections to add to better target important keywords, as well as recommending changes to the heading structure, meta titles and descriptions, and more. We also provided examples of how we’d optimise different kinds of content, to give the Stella team a toolkit they could use and roll across the rest of the site.

By optimising their site in this way, we retained the authenticity of having content written by real women and optimised by experts from the Stella team, but we could still add enough signalling to help Google discover their content, and help support even more women going through menopause.

We also created a new roadmap for the following months, recommending new keywords to cover, which allowed the Stella team to go out to their database of writers and specialists to ask them to cover set topics, and write their content using our keyword recommendations.

The results

Our work was implemented at the end of 2021. In the 6 months dating from May 2022 – November 2022, we drove a 258% increase in average sessions per month.

We increased the number of keywords Stella ranks for by 1,746% within 12 months, with the number of keywords in the top 10 increasing by 5,812%.

Stella has significantly increased its number of featured snippets by 620% from November 2021 to November 2022.


Increase in organic sessions


Increase in keywords in top 10

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