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Paid Media

Driving performance through key moments of value.

A high performing paid media campaign will reach and influence potential customers, at a time that’s right for them, on a platform and in a format that engages them. High and low performing factors are identified such as the content read, the video viewed or the keyword searched, as well as factors such as the time of day, the person behind the ad and the device. By optimising towards these moments in real time, budget can be allocated to top performing factors, reducing account wastage and driving bottom line business growth.


Our Approach

Working with the platforms to deliver industry leading campaigns. Automation is embraced and released, but only once a solid data foundation has been implemented to ensure the systems are herded towards high value real business outcomes. First party data enriches acquisition, retention, and reengagement strategies, alongside creative which is at the forefront of all campaigns. Full funnel connected agnostic planning leverages cross channel insights to drive users from awareness through to conversion and loyalty and measures the appropriate success metrics along the way.

Paid Media

Media Strategy

Working alongside your in-house teams, we develop media strategies that reach audiences where they spend time online with media that delivers.


We ensure campaigns are well structured, algorithms are tightly controlled, and ads are always relevant. From this strong baseline we continually develop campaigns and mine for new opportunities.


Working with in-house teams and buyers, our PPC specialists optimise your shopping campaigns to ensure your priority products get the highest visibility against relevant searches.

Feed Management

Drive higher visibility and stronger shopping performance through rigorous ongoing shopping feed management.

Paid Social

Deliver high performing campaigns with thumb-stopping creative, consolidated campaigns and solid server to server measurement.

Display & Video and Digital ATL

Reaching your audience away from the search results with creative prospecting and retargeting to drive awareness, consideration and incremental traffic and results.

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Before we begin a paid media campaign, we’ll work with you to determine your priority KPIs. That way, we can set up the relevant tracking, and ensure all elements of the campaign are optimised to their respective objectives.

We believe in total transparency when it comes to reporting and results. Your real-time dashboard will reflect your chosen KPIs, and show you the inner workings of your campaigns, not just top-line results. In essence you see what we see.

Consultancy and training

Our Paid Media specialists upskill in-house teams across strategies, platforms and tactics to help you deliver optimised media plans and campaigns with strong business outcomes.

Meet our Paid Media team...

Our Paid Media team is fundamental in helping us drive incredibly successful campaigns for our clients.

International Paid Media

Our global digital marketing expertise means we can work on paid and organic strategies worldwide. Using a data-led approach and local knowledge, we can implement paid media campaigns to drive lead acquisition and deliver real results for your business. From Google to Bing, Baidu and Yandex, our team have experience across Paid and Organic search engines and DSPs globally.


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