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User Research

Understanding your user’s wants and needs is key to having a succesful website.

To make optimisations that make a difference you need to know who your users are and what their on-site requirements are. We can provide you with the insight to ensure you are focusing on the areas that matter on your website.


Our approach

We have completed research projects for big brands within the e-commerce, travel and FMCG industries. Whether these have been standalone or recurring projects, the user research sessions have always provided value and additional knowledge to businesses.

Want to understand how users behave on your website and visualise what you need to do to improve their experience? Get in touch below:

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Working with you, we understand what your aim and objectives are to formulate a structure and unique approach for the research sessions. We then utilise data platforms to recruit your demographic or target demographic to take part in the sessions.


We plan and collaborate with you to create the basic structure for the sessions, including user tasks and any specific areas of interest. We do this to make sure that we get the most out of the research, whilst making sure we utilise the time that we have with the users.


After each of the sessions we compile key themes and a summary, so that you can easily see the key talking points from each of the participants. Want to watch the sessions live? We can provide you with the link so that you can watch along live as the sessions take place.


Once all of the research sessions are complete, we provide you with a report that demonstrates the key themes along with various recommendations. These recommendations are prioritised so that you have a clear direction of where to prioritise and focus your time.

Tailored and transparent reporting

Our CRO specialists will validate any hypotheses with supporting data. If you want to provide answers to commonly asked business questions, we can run A/B split tests and multivariate tests to provide the most efficient and data-led mechanisms to achieve this.

We have experience utilising all leading platforms such as Optimizely, VWO and Google Optimize, so you can be sure you’re getting the most from our CRO services.

We understand that a spreadsheet full of data can look extremely daunting. That’s why we’ll ensure that all of our findings are presented back to you in an easy-to-understand, digestible manner, with key points highlighted. Our CRO specialists will become an extension of your team, making sure that we spend time to talk you through all of the activities that we complete and answering any questions you may have.

Unlike other agencies, we create custom and individual approaches for all of our clients. Whether you are undergoing a navigation restructure, a website redesign or looking to introduce new functionality on your website – we can support you.

Consultancy and training

Want to understand how users behave on your website and visualise what you need to do to improve their experience? Get in touch below.

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