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Campaigns with insights at their core.

Through our focused approach, we ensure that we’re reaching and engaging with your target audience through our carefully crafted social media campaigns. We’ll find and place you at the centre of vocal and engaged online conversations that resonate with your audience, to build your brand awareness, and get future customers discovering you.

Social Media

Our Services

All successful social media marketing strategies start with social listening and auditing. We want to know what has and hasn’t worked for you in the past, what your competitors are doing, and ultimately, what your audience is engaging with.

We don’t believe in fluffy KPIs. We believe in running social media strategies that deliver a real difference to your business.

Our approach


We have the tools and experience to run detailed social listening campaigns to ascertain the true landscape of your social environment. This knowledge is then combined with data from other channels such as paid and SEO, and is placed at the core of our social strategies.


Our social media specialists analyse your channels and your competitors’ channels across multiple platforms. We want to know what works and what doesn’t, so we can identify trends we can target effectively.


We execute creative campaigns and channel management, so that we reach and engage as many people as possible. We then drive this audience online and track conversions, along with brand loyalty.

Social Media

Reporting and measuring ROI

If you choose us as your social media agency, rest assured that we won’t set fluffy KPIs. Instead,  we’ll track results as they’re happening, and adapt our strategies as we see fit. After all, we tailor our social media services to ensure we can create maximum impact on your business’ bottom line.

Before we begin creating a social media strategy, we’ll work with you to discuss your objectives, and how you envision your channels performing. By being open and honest, we can work collaboratively to drive social results that exceed your expectations.

Social Media

In-house training and consultancy

Our social media experts can run tailored training sessions for your in-house teams. Whether you want to find out how to create and run a campaign from start to finish, or look at a specific area in-depth, such as monitoring and optimising campaign results, just let us know. As our social media training sessions are completely bespoke, it means everyone can get something out of it – whether you’re a beginner or a pro.

Our social team can also work with you on a consultancy basis, answering questions and providing advice as and when you need it. Our team is passionate about all-things social, and are committed to devising and creating campaigns that perform.

Social Media


At connective3, we run a PR and brand news Twitter and Instagram account called The Bird’s Beak under the social handle @birdsbeaknews.

The Bird’s Beak has reached a social audience of 1.2 million followers with each tweet gaining between 20,000-40,000 impressions.

As a fast-paced and dynamic agency, we identify avenues that maximise our results. Not only has Bird’s Beak amassed a massive social following but it has allowed us to catapult campaigns to a different level of success by exposing them to The Bird’s Beak audience.

The Bird’s Beak social pages:

Market Leading Insights

Take advantage of your social potential by registering for a bespoke social media audit to gain full insight into your current performance across all social media channels, as well as your competitors. Contact us for your free social media report.

Channel Performance Analysis

Our social media audit will allow us to gain insights into your current performance across your selected social platforms, to refine and improve your current strategy, and produce effective results and cut above the noise.

Competitor Landscape

Understand your competitive landscape across all social platforms by gaining insights into their engagement, content performance, and social strategies.

Cross Channel Evaluation

An in-depth analysis across all your social media channels.

Competitor Analysis

Organic and paid landscape estimated domain traffic across all competitors.

Social Listening

Insights into brand mentions, keywords, trends, and competitors to determine relevance and find opportunities.

Paid Social Analysis

Identifying the perfect blend of demographics, interest, and intent targeting.

What’s included in the report?

Contact us today for your bespoke social media marketing report.