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Our Environmental Commitment

Its our responsibility

to protect the world around us.

To that end we’re pleased to share a number of initiatives we’ve undertaken to help protect the planet and offset our carbon footprint. We’ve teamed up with Ecologi, an environmental change company who offset your carbon impact by planting trees, and investing in environmentally conscious initiatives globally to help offset your carbon consumption. Thus far we’ve planted over 11,000 trees, have invested in converting landfill gases to energy in Turkey and have helped with peatland restoration in Indonesia.

As our team continues to grow, so too will this investment to ensure that we are consciously offsetting our impact alongside our growth. In addition we are committed to reducing our impact closer to home with a number of key initiatives in place in our offices across Leeds, London and Manchester to actively encourage environmentally friendly working.

Where we are on our journey to becoming a low carbon business

17 months

of climate impact


of carbon reduction


trees in our forest

805.68 tonnes of CO2e is equivalent to one of the following:


long haul flights


metres2 of sea ice saved


miles driven in a car

Recent climate projects we’ve supported

But what about our offices?

Rainwater harvesting

Taking water and storing it for use in irrigation and in toilets too.

Rooftop Solar Panels

To power our building and give energy back to the grid.

PIR Sensors

To detect presence and turn lights on and off.

VRF Heat Recovery

To independently heat or cool rooms dependant on temperature.

Want to know more about our environmental commitment, or how we could help you with your digital performance? Contact us today.