Digital PR

Digital PR is similar to traditional PR, but must be approached with an SEO mindset.

The key difference with digital PR is tailoring your strategies to ensure that campaigns work harder, gain national links, and support channels such as SEO and social.

Digital PR campaigns can be created and distributed directly to the target audience much more quickly than traditional PR. Tactics such as viral videos, newsjacking, data visualisation and social media campaigns can connect a brand directly with its audience without the need for traditional journalistic support.

At connective3 we don’t work with bloggers because we don’t need to; we can take any brand and make them famous by driving links from national media titles.

Our approach to Digital PR

It starts with our relationships, our experience and audience data. We work hard to develop and maintain great media relationships to ensure we understand the news agenda, how we can use this to benefit our clients and ultimately secure coverage and links on the publications our clients’ audiences are reading.

We monitor the media daily, both for our clients and brands who are working in our clients’ industries. We know when the media links, what they link to, and the state of that link. It is this data that allows us to create ideas based on journalistic trends to ensure our campaigns get the results they deserve.

Our digital PR services

Measurement and reporting

Before any campaign begins, we set detailed KPIs that have a long-term impact on your bottom line. The work of our technical teams allows us to report not only on link numbers but on the revenue that our PR and social activity is directly driving.

Audience research

The starting point for all our campaigns is solid audience and customer insight. Using a combination of our tools and expertise, we get to understand your audience, from their likes to their dislikes. We use this data to lead our campaign strategies, ensuring the work we deliver gets you in front of the right eyes.


Newsjacking is, put simply: reacting to a story in the media to gain links for your own site. At connective3 we have mastered the art of newsjacking and have PR specialists waiting and watching for any opportunity to increase your link profile.

In-house consultancy and training

We deliver training to in-house teams to assist in the growth of PR, SEO, content and social strategies. We offer training for everyone from the beginner all the way through to the very advanced marketer.

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