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Sinful, a Danish company, wanted to grow their online visibility in the UK and compete with some big players in the sex toy market.

The approach

It’s notoriously hard to build links in the sex toy space, due to the delicate and adult nature of the product.

We needed a link building approach that covered health, lifestyle, national and regional press, which would be relevant to the client, while keeping to the guidelines around the content and language we can use when talking about sex.

The Strategy

Working with Sinful’s inhouse sexual wellness experts, we used social listening tools, extensive consumer research and conversations with journalists and strategised that our best approach would be a three-tiered system.

Product gifting to sexual wellness, health and lifestyle journalists

Creative, survey-led content about sexual communication habits of the UK public for national and regional journalists

Tame, more relationship style content for women’s lifestyle and entertainment press

Product Gifting

We targeted key journalists and opened a discussion about sending products for review. This resulted in 18 links including Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Her Campus and more.

Survey-Led Content

We completed an in-depth, sensitive survey about the UK’s sexual fantasies, and whether partners are comfortable talking about them with their partner. By positioning the results as an exploration in communication, rather than a salacious look into the sex lives of the public, we could keep the content both interesting and above bored.

We built 18 links including Metro, Huff Post, Indy100,, The Sun and The Daily Star.

Relationship Content

We created pieces offering advice on how to manage a long-term relationship, how to text your loved one, as well as how to maintain your sex life when living in shared accommodation.

This helped us build 19 links in women’s lifestyle publications such as Hype Bea, Flair, Thoughts on Life and Love, and more.

The results


Increase in visibility


Increase in new users



Sinful also saw some huge ranking changes for keywords including ‘adult toys’ moving from 94th to 5th, ‘BDSM equipment’ from unranked to 5th with a total of seven key product pages now on page 1 of Google. Sinful’s domain rating also saw an increase from 31 to 41.

“We’re delighted with the collaboration with connective3; they are talented and motivated consultants. The communication has been swift and easy, resulting in press material of the highest standards.”

Søren BertelsenSearch Director, Sinful


We’re proud to have won awards at the Prolific North Marketing Awards 2023 and MPA Inspiration Awards 2023. We were also shortlisted for the UK Digital PR Awards 2023, The Drum Awards Festival, Global Search Awards 2023, Prolific North Marketing Awards 2023 and the EU Search Awards 2023.

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