A Sports Driven Digital PR Strategy to Drive Links Across the U.S.


Action Network


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Action Network is a US-based sports betting company who set us with the task of enhancing their link profile across the states, by building high-authority backlinks which focussed heavily on America’s four major sports leagues.​

Our approach

Crafted around the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL, we created a series of campaigns that focused on teams, players, fans, finances and much more, hitting publications and journalists who live and breathe sport. ​

We took topical and relevant news hooks and turned them into linkable content to gain coverage all over the US.

The strategy

For Action Network, we utilised our ‘always on’ approach by creating a series of campaigns crafted around all aspects of the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. We made sure to incorporate a mixture of planned, proactive and reactive PR campaigns into the strategy to keep up with the pace of the ever-changing US sports world.

Planned Content: Hero campaigns were timed accordingly with significant dates in the US sporting calendar, ensuring relevancy.

Proactive Content: Quick form data-driven campaigns, often using social listening tools to gather fans reactions online and turning them into link-worthy content.

Reactive Content: Whether a shock result, coaches getting fired or players retiring, reactive commentary from the experts at Action Network were pitched to the media.

Index Content: ‘The NFL’s Most Stressed Fans’

Through the creation of an index, we revealed which NFL team was the most stressful to support during the 2021/22 season. ​The index consisted of 10 factors which ranged from close wins to losses as favorite and many more. ​

This resulted in 42 total links including USA Today, Sports Illustrated, SB Nation and the Chicago Sun Times.

View the campaign here

Social Listening Content: ‘The Shocking Truth Around NFL Trolling’

The NFL and social media go hand-in-hand, with fans voicing their opinions online after most games.​ For this campaign, we wanted to reveal which NFL stars receive the most stick online, raising awareness of the growing extent of online trolling.

​To do this, we conducted social listening which pulled out negative sentiment data from Instagram and Twitter for some of the NFL’s biggest stars.

This led to us building 35 links on sites such as Sports Illustrated, USA Today and FOX Business.

View the campaign here

The results


Total links


Million campaign views

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