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We delivered German Digital PR campaigns for Lowell Dach, achieving national coverage and boosting their organic rankings.

The Brief

Due to our success with Lowell UK, Lowell DACH approached us with a brief to deliver three digital PR campaigns that would support their organic strategy by driving relevant results from authoritative news outlets across Germany.

The Strategy

Driven by Lowell’s dedication to raising awareness about financial issues that impact people’s wellbeing, we carefully selected campaign topics and messaging designed to educate and resonate with our target audience.

By leveraging our understanding of the brand and our comprehensive knowledge of the German media landscape, audience preferences and the importance of data-driven PR campaigns, our in-house German PR team crafted the following three compelling campaigns.

The Campaigns

The cost-of-living crisis in Germany

Due to the rise in energy, fuel, and food prices across Germany, we wanted to determine how Germans were coping financially with the current crisis and how they assess their prospects.

To do this, we combined market research and a consumer poll asking residents about their biggest worries and what factors they felt had a significant impact on their increased spending.

Based on our findings we split the data and created two different outreach angles; national to drive national results highlighting the results overall and regional to take our results even further on a localised level. When the news broke that energy prices were increasing even further across Germany, this provided further reactive opportunities for us to elevate our campaign statistics even further.

View the campaign here

Financial education among adults

We wanted to investigate how Germans are financially educated, how they competently handle their finances and how open they are to talk about them. To achieve this, we conducted a poll with the results revealing that Germans believe they’re more competent than they are and don’t like talking about money.

The statistics were shared with the media on a national and regional level; however, we also created a specific financial and lifestyle angle to approach more niche sites and bolster our results.

View the campaign here

Business Crisis: how small business owners’ handle
the rising inflation rate

As we approached the new year, we surveyed small business owners to uncover their biggest challenges now and in the future. The results unveiled that the risk of insolvency and the changing purchasing behaviour of consumers were particularly important issues. One of the biggest challenges, however, was the continued rise in inflation especially for companies that rely on imported goods or raw materials.

When it came to our outreach strategy not only did, we break the data down on a national and regional level, but we also delved into the industry-specific stats which also allowed us to approach wider trade outlets too.

View the campaign here

The Results

With a focus on targeting national, regional, financial, lifestyle and business outlets across Germany, our team secured 50+ results across the campaigns.




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