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The approach

We were challenged to build brand awareness in the U.S. through relevant and topical Digital PR campaigns. Given our team already had a profound experience in building top-tier results across the states, we knew that sometimes the news cycle can move slightly slower compared to the UK, especially amongst business publications. Therefore, we adopted a strategy that included campaigns guaranteed to stay relevant over time – no one-hit wonders here!

The strategy

Most success comes from offering journalists brand-new stories or adding to an existing topical conversation with fresh insights. So, to make sure our concepts stayed relevant to this, we implemented an evergreen strategy when it came to building our campaigns, inspired by existing conversations.

How? We carried out thorough desk research investigating what was already being covered in the news and being spoken about online by our target audience via social listening.

Then, based on our findings, we identified key topics of interest to base our evergreen concepts around which were predominantly wellbeing, productivity, and progression.

Whilst many of our concepts were focused on the key three topics, each piece of content included valuable advice to business owners from Moneypenny to ensure we stayed true to our brand and services throughout.

Not only that but given our experience of working with media across the U.S. we knew that journalists welcomed data on a city and state level, therefore most of our campaigns included survey data to ensure we had those comparable stats we know the media loves.

How likely are Americans to fake a sick day?

The perfect recipe for an evergreen campaign. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Revealing how often employees lie about being ill for a sick day, and the reasons why, this campaign initially gained some amazing coverage regionally, as we were able to reveal which states were lying about their sick days the most. However, it also gained national coverage in BizJournals, Protocol, and Venture Beat. Launching at the end of August 2022, it gained links throughout September and October too and saw further links appear in early 2023. Why? Because aside from the original launch, we were able to jump on further news hooks such as the 2022 World Cup; are fans most likely to call in sick after their teams’ game the night before? Also not forgetting key awareness days such as National Sick Day.

To date, the campaign has built 89 links.

Changing lanes: Are Americans in their dream career?

Revealing how employees really feel about their job, we were able to uncover the percentage that is happy or unhappy as well as how many are in what they would consider being their ‘dream job’. Initially launched in August 2021, the aftermath of COVID-19 saw ‘The Great Resignation’ when many people changed roles and even careers which gave further opportunities for media outreach. This campaign is still gaining links in 2023.

Key results include Forbes, Independent, Inc, Fast Company, and Fortune!

The campaign has built 38 links to date.

The most confident workers in the U.S.

This campaign looked at how confident employees are in their workplace, and focused specifically on imposter syndrome, which we saw had become a huge talking point as people returned to the office in 2022. This was our standout campaign in 2022, launching in May 2022 as many workers began to return to the office following the COVID-19 pandemic.

This performed exceptionally well across national publications and has been picked up organically numerous times. The campaign has gained links every month since its launch in May 2022 and has been featured in three, yes THREE different Forbes articles, Psychology Today twice, and in February 2023, was picked up organically and featured in a lifestyle piece on Apartment Therapy.

To date, the campaign has built 45 links.

The results


Increase in new organic search users


Increase in organic search sessions


Moneypenny also saw some huge ranking changes for their most specific keywords over 2022, including ‘virtual office receptionist’ and ‘artificial intelligence phone system’ moving from unranked to 1st, whilst ‘call handling’ moved from 14th to 5th.

“We have worked with connective3 since early 2021 and were incredibly pleased with the results that came out of 2022 – the relevant, and interesting campaigns gained us brand awareness across of some of the U.S’ biggest publications with an impressive impact on Moneypenny’s SEO.”

Dan MarshallHead of Digital, Moneypenny

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