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Making market leaders with the Maker Model

Our Maker Model strategic planning framework takes the guesswork out of where, when, and how you should spend your budget, to deliver maximum performance; whether that is driving sales and revenue, or making your budget go further.

Our comprehensive approach ensures we understand your business, market, competitors, audiences, and challenges. Connecting this with our market-leading experience and thought leadership enables us to generate a clear and connected digital strategy, and identify the biggest opportunities and channels, to help you lead within your market.

The backbone of all our projects, large and small

The Maker Model is the backbone of all our projects, ensuring performance through insight and relevance; from single-channel briefs and connected cross-channel campaigns to launching new brands and products to market.

Whether you are an SEO manager, a Marketing Director, or a CEO the Maker Model helps us to answer all your questions. For example:

The Maker Model Framework –
5-Step Process

Our 5-step process ensures that a strong and relevant digital strategy is created from comprehensive Market and Audience research undertaken by our in-house digital strategists. We take a full 360 view of the market which is both quantitative and qualitative to really understand the opportunity.

We follow this by delivering an execution plan that connects channels and insight for enhanced performance, all backed by a measurement frame to capture success.

  • What is the shape of your market
  • What macro factors do you need to consider
  • How has the landscape changed inside your digital market channels
  • Who are your direct and indirect competitors
  • Who buys your product or service
  • What are their personality types, attitudes, & behaviours
  • What motivates them to buy
  • What journey do they take when buying your product or service
  • What media is your audience consuming
  • Which messaging resonates best with your audience types
  • Identification of internal and external factors
  • Core strategy to overcome challenges and win
  • What does success look like
  • Does the brand need repositioning in relation to competitors
  • What should the channel mix be
  • What should the key messages be
  • How will each channel be used
  • What tactics do we employ across each channel that point towards the core strategy
  • How do we connect channels
  • Creative concept creation and format requirements
  • How do we measure campaign effectiveness
  • KPI framework creation
  • What does success look like
  • What tools are needed to measure success
  • Project milestones
  • How do we use this to evolve your approach

Get in touch today to find out how the Maker Model could be used to help your brand.