Paid Social

Engage your audience with

personalised content

Paid social forms an important part of an acquisition channel, especially for highly competitive markets, with its unique place in the customer journey, lower advertising rates, and visual ad formats.

Ads and placements need to be developed with social platforms and their behaviours in mind. When done right, paid social becomes a funnel that quickly drives users from awareness to conversion.

Paid Social

Our approach

Our expert team of socialites work across paid social platforms to identify the perfect blend of demographics, interest and intent targeting.

We couple this with engaging personalised ads that are native to each platform to deliver real results. Our paid social campaigns are all structured to facilitate a ‘test and learn’ strategy.

Paid social advertising is just one aspect of paid media. We can combine this with PPC and display and video campaigns to create an overarching paid strategy for you. Our team will work alongside your in-house team to share all learnings, ensuring the whole campaign benefits from our connected approach to generating incremental growth.

Paid Social Services


Our expertise ensures that your campaigns are successfully run, whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube or LinkedIn.


We deploy the latest targeting techniques (even the ones Facebook doesn’t want us to know about) and data buys to build precision-targeted segments, which then fuel our personalised ads.


Multichannel retargeting forms the backbone of many online campaigns for good reason, driving all users in the journey back to your site to convert.


Our creative teams work closely with paid social specialists to create ads that match audience motivations. We ensure all ads sit perfectly within the environment for which they are intended, in order to drive real engagement.


Testing consumer response is vital when considering a change in creative route or running an ATL campaign. We test in real time on paid social before any heavy investment is made.


Combining paid social ads with PPC ensures complete cohesion on your campaigns, driving meaningful traffic and conversions to your website.

Paid Social

Tailored reporting on your paid social media strategy

Before we begin a paid social campaign, we’ll work with you to determine your priority KPIs. That way, we can set up the relevant tracking, and ensure all elements of the campaign are optimised to their respective objectives,

We believe in total transparency when it comes to reporting and results. Not only will your reporting dashboard reflect your chosen KPIs, it will also show you the inner workings of your campaigns, not just top-line results. Your dashboard is updated in real-time, meaning you’ll always have visibility of your paid social campaign’s performance.

Paid Social

Paid social advertising training and consultancy

Do you want to discover how to get more out of your paid social media spend? Or perhaps you want to understand which audiences are driving you the best return, which placements you should be targeting, or how best to get the most out of your creatives?

Our paid social specialists can run training either in-house or externally, tailoring it to your team. Whether you’re a paid social media novice or a total pro, we’ll ensure you get the most out of your training session.

Alternatively, we can work with you on a consultative basis, answering questions and providing advice as and when you need it. Our paid media team are experts in their field, regularly speaking at events, and look forward to collaborating with you on a paid social strategy that performs.