Digital Bites

Digital Bites is a half-day marketing event in Leeds and Manchester with tips, hacks, and actionable insight. It's free to attend with drinks and food privded by us.

A fun and informative event

Digital Bites is a digital marketing event designed to be a little bit different to your average conference. We’ve ditched long presentations in favour of short bite size talks jam-packed with the best digital marketing insight. The event will help make you better at your job, get that promotion or find some new campaign inspiration.

We’re big believers of in person events and think it’s important to host events outside of London. There’s an amazing digital community in the north and we want to make sure there are plenty of opportunities for us to get together, share knowledge and network.

Digital Bites provides the platform to do this.

Digital Bites in 2023

The first Digital Bites of 2023 took place on 28 March and we had an amazing afternoon. The event was another sell-out with over 70 people on the waitlist. Digital Bites looks a little different in 2023, with a new venue, new format, and talks from both experienced and new speakers. Our new venue, the Everyman, is one of our favourites, with comfy seats and a huge screen, it’s the perfect venue to make new marketing friends and get together IRL.

The March event was part Digital City Festival, celebrating the best of tech and digital in the city. As big supporters of in-person events, networking and knowledge sharing, it felt like a natural fit to bring Digital Bites to the festival.

We’ll be back with Digital Bites towards of the end of the year and look forward to seeing more of you there.

Previous Digital Bites speakers & sessions

Social Media & Influencer Manager -

Amy Turk

Session: The beauty of brand building: How to drive engagement and maximise talkability through organic social & influencers

Title: The beauty of brand building: How to drive engagement and maximise talkability through organic social & influencers

Synopsis: "So you just sit around and post on Instagram all day then?"
Brand building is always slipping through the cracks. Brand is where budgets are usually cut and brand awareness is near impossible to report on so educating people on the importance and value of brand building can often feel like you're talking to a brick wall.

Amy will discuss the power of a joint-up organic social & influencer marketing strategy and how these channels can drive engagement, maximise talkability and result in long-term success for your business.

3 key learnings:
- How to explain the importance of brand building to someone who doesn't understand
- The difference between paid social & organic social (acquisition vs awareness)
- How to identify an influencer who will drive brand awareness

About Amy: With over 5 years of experience working in the marketing industry across agency and in-house roles, I have discovered my appreciation for all things social media & influencer marketing within the lifestyle sector. Currently working for the online furniture & homeware retailer where I started as a Marketing Executive. I am keen to share my passion for this exciting, creative and fast-paced profession!

Content Producer - NeoMam Studios

Jack Bamfield

Session: Informing, Educating and Entertaining with Journalist-Ready Content

Talk: Informing, Educating and Entertaining with Journalist-Ready Content

In this talk, Jack will explain the process of writing copy for NeoMam's digital PR campaigns. Informed by a journalism and media relations background, Jack will share how landing page content can be written to inform, educate and entertain readers. He will also share examples of how articles are formed with journalists in mind; by including secondary research and framing the campaign within a broader news story to maximise the campaign's chance of links and coverage.

About Jack:
Jack is originally but from London but moved to Manchester in 2020 during the pandemic. He has degrees in law and journalism, but fell in love with digital marketing during his experience at Verve Search. Jack is passionate about creating great content and believes the industry is at its best when we tell interesting stories about our world. Jack's been working with NeoMam for almost a year and now specialises in writing articles that support campaigns and support journalists in their write-ups of their content.

Content Marketing Director - connective3

David White

Session: Why most Digital PR campaigns are missed opportunities and how to make sure yours is not

Title: Why most Digital PR campaigns are missed opportunities and how to make sure yours is not
Synopsis: Over the past two years demand for PR has erupted, with recent stats from the Content Marketing Institute reporting that 46% of businesses want to increase their content creation spending in 2022. With demand at an all-time high we are seeing more and more PR campaigns being produced. This may all sound positive, but most PR campaigns are currently working in silo’s, missing out collaborations with other marketing disciplines such as paid, content and SEO. Most of the PR campaigns we see being produced are missing out on delivering more results across more channels by simply not including them in their campaign execution. When a campaign includes social media or content the results can increase tenfold, so why do people choose to not include these in their campaign plans? In this presentation, David will explain how to easily make your digital PR campaigns work across more channels and detail the results this can deliver. The presentation will offer advice and key take-aways which can help the audience better the results their PR produces by including more channels and disciplines.

About David: David has led PR and outreach strategies for some of the globe’s biggest brands. With a background in business management and marketing, David has a deep understanding of the wider marketing mix and how this contributes to our clients’ bottom line.

Rejoice Ojiaku headshot
SEO & Content Strategist - Feedia LTD

Rejoice Ojiaku

Session: Why we should be thinking about Inclusive Content

Talk: Why we should be thinking about Inclusive Content

Synopsis: In this presentation, we will cover various topics related to content inclusivity, such as why it is important, who it affects, and how to create inclusive content. We will also explore some common mistakes that content creators make when it comes to inclusivity and discuss strategies to avoid them.

Additionally, we will focus on the importance of creating inclusive content. We will discuss why inclusivity matters and how it can impact your website's SEO and user experience. We will also explore the legal and ethical considerations of creating accessible content, and what steps you can take to ensure that your content is compliant with accessibility standards.

About Rejoice: Rejoice is an SEO & Content Strategist, as well as the Co-Founder of B-DigitalUK – a platform for showcasing and empowering black talent in the UK digital marketing scene. Her expertise lies in SEO, Diversity and inclusion.t.

Business Director - connective3

Rosa Mitchell

Session: The importance of confidence when working in digital

Title: The importance of confidence when working in digital

Synopsis: Developing your confidence and resilience can help you out in all areas of life, especially in your job. In Rosa’s talk, she will discuss the importance of working on your confidence., practical ways to do it, and how it can benefit you.She will also offer advice to managers on how to instil confidence in your team, and how it can help.

About Rosa: With over nine years’ experience in digital PR and content creation, Rosa oversees connective3’s Manchester office, managing a large team of creative professionals. In her career, Rosa has worked across a variety of different projects, from stand-alone campaigns to long-term strategic roadmaps, for brands including Nike, Manchester Metropolitan University, Stena Line, and Ann Summers. She combines her analytical skills with her love of creativity to create concepts that work for many industries, including e-commerce, finance, law, and travel.

International Events and Marketing Manager - Webcertain

Kirstie Cartledge

Session: Getting budget buy-in: How to unlock the value of events to fuel business success and professional growth

Title: Getting budget buy-in: How to unlock the value of events to fuel business success and professional growth

Synopsis: You know the value of attending events, but what if everyone in your organisation doesn’t? Event and travel budgets can often be the first to go, when in reality they can return way more than they cost. Kirstie will arm you with the arsenal you need to convince even the most extreme event-sceptic to sign off on the spend and share her top tips for getting the most out of any conference for you and your business.

3 key learnings
- Why events are a powerful tool to level up your growth
- How to maximise the value of every event you attend
- A practical, proven approach to getting budget sign-off

About Kirstie: Kirstie is the International Events and Marketing Manager at Webcertain. With over ten years of experience in the industry, and a passion for curating and delivering outstanding events, she is responsible for the delivery of the International Search Summit and International Social Summit. These international conferences run across Europe and the US, and are dedicated entirely to international search marketing topics and challenges. Kirstie is a highly creative individual who is always striving to exceed expectations and help attendees leave Webcertain events with the answers they need to drive online global performance. She is now based back in the UK, after working in a variety of countries across the globe.

Sam I'anson headshot
Senior Marketing Manager - Northern Trains

Sam I'anson

Session: Changing perspective on competitors

Talk: Changing perspective on competitors

Synopsis: Rethinking the competitor set and looking beyond those closely aligned to your brand
• Alternative competitors and why to consider them
• Reframing the competitive advantage
• Bringing comparisons to life

About Sam: Sam is Senior Marketing Manager at Northern Trains and loves all things digital marketing. Sam's 14-year experience includes working across B2B and B2C environments, covering everything from visitor attractions to concrete paving, and car auctions to hospice fundraising. Now, she works for Northern and it’s all about encouraging the people of the North to go do their thing by train! Sam's real passion is using data and insight to inform everything we do, ensuring the customer is at the heart and we’re meeting their needs. Be that improving experiences through digital transformation, targeting marketing to their lifecycle stage or engaging with customers through creative content.

Previous Digital Bites events

We hosted the first ever Digital Bites event back in September to an audience of 60 marketers in Manchester. Since then, the event has grown in size, with over 80 attendees joining us for event number three in November.

We’ve been joined by speakers from a range of brands and agencies in the north including, Bottle Imagination, Lottie, Absolute, Aira Digital and of course connective3.

Event content

There’ll be talks from leading brands and agencies focussing on all things digital marketing including digital PR, SEO, paid media, analytics, content marketing, business strategy, online performance and more. All talks are short and informative with our speakers sharing their industry secrets and top tips with you.

Elle Pollicott speaking at Digital Bites
Audience clapping at Digital Bites event in Manchester

Why attend

If you’re a digital marketer looking for quick tips and hacks to help you improve your day-to-day output, then this is the event for you. Actionable insights only, so you can walk away from the event with ideas ready to take and implement the next day.

Pitch to speak

We’re on a mission to help marketers get into public speaking and want Digital Bites to provide a safe and welcoming space to do so. So, if you’ve always fancied taking to the stage, but haven’t known where to start, we welcome you to pitch to speak.

Naz speaking at Digital Bites
Digital Bites event audience in Manchester


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