Display & Video Programmatic

In many cases people already have an idea of which brand they are going to engage with before they start searching, and certainly before a conversion is made.

Programmatically, we can identify these pre-market signals and increase the likelihood that a user converts with our brand.

It’s no secret that successful campaigns reach the right audience at the right time with a message that’s right for that moment. The key to driving real results is simple: understanding who your audience are, what they care about, where to reach them, and then deliver them an ad that’s as personalised to them as possible.

Once someone has shown in-market purchase signals, many competitors in the landscape will identify them as a good prospect and will begin marketing to them. As such, a well-structured remarketing campaign is key to capturing the final conversion.

Our approach to display and video

At connective3 our highly skilled team of programmatic experts works closely with our digital strategists and creative teams to plan and execute strong, strategically led programmatic campaigns.

We deploy advanced technology where appropriate to deliver personalisation at scale. We ensure that all ads are seen and delivered in brand-safe environments and that all programmatic activity generates true incrementality. All insights gained, from top domains to audience segments, are shared across channels as part of a cohesive digital marketing strategy.

Our display & video services

Media strategy

Working closely with our internal strategists and your in-house teams, we understand business challenges inside out and develop media strategies that reach the audience where they spend time online with media that delivers.

Media planning

We use our extensive knowledge of the programmatic landscape develop custom strategies that are tailored to each of your audience segments, making sure we reach the right person at the right time.

Media buying

Whether buying from third party suppliers or via our own DSP, we see that every penny of your budget is spent efficiently and is accountable.

Dynamic creative optimisation

We deliver personalised ads, built and delivered in real time, that truly stand out and ultimately enhance performance.

Audience & data optimisation

Using 1st, 2nd and 3rd data through our DSP, DMPs or supplier platforms, our campaigns are built for insights and learning, allowing for ease of optimisation and continual account development.

Performance analysis

You will always know the value of your display & video activity and what that means for business performance with our tailored and transparent reporting and attribution models.

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