Paid Search

Paid Search is about

answering a need

Keywords alone are not a good enough signal that someone is in market. We need to account for the person behind the click. Are they our target audience? What is important to them? How much is that click likely to be worth?

A paid search campaign’s success needs to consider all of this and deliver a personalised campaign, ensuring visibility across the search results landscape. This can be achieved by talking exclusively to a brand’s audience and conveying appropriate messaging for each audience group at the right value to drive performance and growth.

Paid Search

Our approach

We have a team of experienced paid search specialists who are experts at deploying and manipulating the many levers of PPC.

Artificial Intelligence powers our campaigns, which are all expertly hand-steered to deliver outstanding results. In addition to PPC, we can combine paid social and display and video advertising to create a unified, paid media strategy for you. Guided by our strategists, who work hand-in-hand with in-house teams, we ensure full cohesion between marketing channels including SEO, content and PR, to drive real results and meaningful performance.

Paid Media


We ensure campaigns are well structured, bids are scientifically placed and ads are always relevant. From this strong baseline we continually develop campaigns and mine for new opportunities


Working with in-house teams, our PPC specialists optimise your product feed to ensure your ads get the highest visibility against relevant keywords.


Maximise every marketing penny by re-engaging your audience with tailored ads to drive conversions and performance.


Structured testing ensures continual campaign development and optimal performance.


Reaching your audience away from the search results drives brand consideration and incremental results. We work agnostically across platforms to deliver real business results.


We’ll create tailored ads and placements for each individual social platform, to encourage users to move through the funnel from awareness to conversion.

reduced CPC
increase in conversions

Increasing efficiency to drive additional leads

Paid Search

Open and honest performance analysis.

To accurately optimise a PPC campaign, it’s crucial to have visibility of the most meaningful conversions in the search engines. We’ll work with you to decide what the priority KPIs are, and integrate them into your campaigns.

Your bespoke reporting dashboard updates in real-time, meaning you’ll enjoy instant visibility of your paid search performance. Our reporting is completely transparent, so you’ll be able to see where every penny is spent, and what this has delivered. After all, we believe constant data sharing is a key foundation for any successful PPC partnership.

Paid Search

Paid search consultancy and training.

Do you want to discover how to get more out of your PPC, whether that’s driving growth or efficiency? Or perhaps you want to analyse the role PPC plays in your wider paid media campaigns, or understand your competitors’ strategies?

Our PPC and paid media specialists can run in-house or external training that’s tailored to your team, ensuring you get the most out of your session.

Alternatively, we can also work with you on a consultancy basis, on-hand to answer questions and provide advice relating to your PPC strategy as and when needed. Our team are experts in their field, regularly speaking at events, and look forward to growing and optimising your paid search campaigns.

Contact us today to start achieving unprecedented results.