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It’s well known that almost every industry across the world was affected by the impact of Covid-19 – from 2020 even until today, some industries are still struggling to recover. One of the industries whose deterioration was well-documented across the news was that of the travel industry, which many feared wouldn’t recover from the tough travel restrictions imposed globally for several years.

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Here at c3, we’re always keen to explore and find interesting data stories, so we decided to take a closer look at the effects of the pandemic on the travel industry in this deep dive into some of the SEO data for a range of different companies. We explored the most popular facets of the travel industry, from national airline brands to staycation brands and luxury travel agents, to find which areas were most and least affected by Covid-19, and which brands are recovering the best as the world enters a new state of normal.

We had a look at nine categories – travel agents, national airlines, budget airlines, tour operators, coach companies, staycation brands, luxury travel agents, yacht rental companies, and online hotel booking agents – and explored the visibility trends of the top five brands for each category. From this data, we were able to deduce which brands were hit the hardest by the pandemic, and which have shown the strongest recovery since.

We also had a look at referring domain data for each of the brands, to identify which of the brands with high visibility are being discussed by reputable sources – this gave us an idea of which brands were recovering through strong link building, technical knowledge, and organic content generation, all of which are key factors in building a strong SEO profile. Each of the brands has its own story to tell, but we were specifically looking for the most interesting stories amongst the data to report on.

“Having worked in the luxury travel industry previously, I knew that the pandemic had seriously affected much of the superyacht industry, and I was curious to see how the industry as a whole was recovering in terms of their SEO results – search volume and visibility are great indicators of how well a company or industry is performing.”

Catriona CherrieContent Writer

Catriona has been a Content Writer at connective3 for 10 months working across a range of clients. She has prior experience within the private healthcare and yachting industries working as a writer, journalist, and comms officer.