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Re-homing your website

Small technical SEO tweaks and keyword analysis can go a long way towards growing your organic rankings, but eventually, every website needs an overhaul. But how do you implement these changes without impacting your site’s visibility?

Here at c3, our team of SEO experts are well versed in the challenges that come with a website migration. We’ll conduct an initial audit of your site, create an in-depth migration plan checklist, and work with you to implement these changes and monitor the results, helping to boost your site’s profile while minimising any potential loss of traffic.



Any website owner knows that defending your position at the top of the search engine results is no easy task. Competition is consistent and fierce, which is why you always need to keep your website in tip-top condition to stay relevant. And, inevitably, this means conducting a full site migration to accommodate a new URL structure, site layout, or more.

But while a website migration might be essential for maintaining your current rankings, if done incorrectly, you could very quickly find yourself disappearing off of search engine results entirely – which is no doubt confusing when the entire point of a site migration is to make your website more visible to your target audience.

This is because a site migration can fundamentally change how search engines view your site. All websites build authority and indexing signals over time, but when you make extensive changes, this forces search engines to reprocess those signals.

Fortunately, with the right knowledge and planning, this fluctuation in rankings can be mitigated, and quickly lead to the kind of increased traffic you want from such a substantial change.

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A site migration is no simple task. It requires extensive and rigorous preparation, close coordination between various teams, and the right launch timing to implement your new changes without impacting your site’s current rankings.

This is why the first step in any website migration is conducting a full audit and analysis of your website to assess what changes need to be made, and which of these require a migration to implement properly. We’ll then work with your team to create a plan to carry out all these changes in one go, rather than multiple migrations one after the other.

Following this audit, we’ll also analyse your site’s traffic to assess the best time to launch your migration. Changing your website during peak hours can dramatically impact traffic and conversions, so it’s best to pick a quiet time when teams are free to make site adjustments and iron out bugs at a moment’s notice.

Finally, once your migration is complete, our SEO team will continue to monitor your site’s performance, making necessary adjustments to help maximise your site’s overall organic visibility and growth.


As an SEO and website migration agency, we make use of a variety of specialised tools that allow us to analyse, monitor, and report on the state of your website and its rankings.

Our array of software includes:

  • Semrush
  • Ahrefs
  • Screaming Frog Spider
  • Lumar
  • Google Search Console
  • Sistrix


Connective3 provided amazing support in the months leading up to our site migration, as a result the process ran smoothly. They are friendly, professional and always on hand to answer questions – I would highly recommend them.

Anna Jones – Residential Marketing & PR Manager at Allsop

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