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Social listening

When we listen,
we can:



Be the first in outreach with trending content

Grow your social following

Protect your brand

Your customers are not just on Google, they are on Reddit, TikTok, Twitch, Forums, Youtube and more…

Connective3’s social listening tool allows us to see trending content as soon as it happens across all platforms, across all countries!

Social listening allows us to input your brand, keywords or topics close to your customers heart to reveal what’s being said, where it’s being talked about and who by…all in real time.

Social listening can help your brand with:

Sentiment analysis

Understanding if your brand, industry or campaigns are being talked about in a positive or negative way

Customer insights

Considering your audience interests and using this to deliver content that will resonate and have more impact

Reacting to trending content

Listening in on your key topic area means you are able to identify those spikes in audience interests and react quickly to trends

Protecting your brand

Monitoring conversation and opinion allows you to identify potential issues in your brand and industry

Identifying influencers

Finding the most influential people in relation to your brand, campaign topic, and competitors.

Tracking Competitors

By monitoring the conversations happening around your competitors – you can see their audience sentiment, campaign performance, and opportunities for reactive content.

See it in action…

Where does the ROI of social listening come from?

A more cost effective way of performing market and industry research
Expansion of your influencer and partner marketing opportunities
Strategic creativity – ideas that reflect current conversations

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