Driving reach and engagement: Launching ABTA TRAVEL MONEY AND TRAVEL INSURANCE




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ABTA, a major player in UK travel, represents travel agents, tour operators, and the wider travel industry. With over 70 years of experience, they’ve empowered members to succeed in travel businesses and assisted travellers with advice and support.

The approach

We were challenged to launch the ABTA Travel Money and Travel Insurance products across digital. The rules and regulations regarding talking about travel insurance online are strict. When this is coupled with an audience’s predisposition to not trust content around finance, a challenge emerges. We developed an approach that communicated travel money and insurance in an engaging way through a trustworthy source.


We adopted c360, connective3’s specialist approach which merges the strengths of different media to create an integrated, creative marketing campaign. We brought together experts from our agency to ensure we had diverse perspectives, all aligned to drive the most important brand marketing metrics with impactful results.

The strategy

We created a central theme and creative idea with crafting stories named “Travel Mishaps and Memories” at its core.  We carefully curated stories from influencers and user-generated content. These stories turned into dynamic, vertical videos that vividly showed the downsides of travel without enough money or insurance.

We made sure these stories connected with different audiences by using stories from various demographics and tailoring content to different media channels. These stories highlighted popular destinations for British travellers, from sunny Greece and Spain to iconic Disneyland and bustling New York.

Influencers and user-generated content brought our narratives to life on ABTA’s social platforms. Here, the c360 connected approach played a big role, making sure our stories reached a wider audience, by using paid amplification to not only boost impressions but engagement.

Lunch with a view

Come prepared

The results




Influencer content had a 5.6X higher watch-through rate vs branded content




Engagement rate of highest performing influencer post


Overall engagement rate


Overdelivered on target KPIs

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