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The race for space: How our out-of-this-world creative marketing stunt helped first-time buyers get on the property ladder and delivered stellar results.

The story

With soaring housing costs, our research revealed half of first-time buyers struggle to save for a deposit, so we created a campaign to help aspiring homeowners, spark conversations, and deliver great results. In a fiercely competitive housing market, where the odds can feel as vast as space, we knew we had to be creative to cut through the noise.

Our approach

We sent keys into space, joining Neil and Buzz in the history books, to help one first-time buyer get their foot on the property ladder by gifting £10,000 towards a house deposit upon the keys return to Earth. The twist? The landing location of the keys remained a mystery, leading to an exciting treasure hunt that ended with a Norwich couple securing the keys.

At the heart of this campaign lies our c360 approach; unifying creativity and connectivity to drive impactful work. We took a step beyond conventional marketing to create an integrated, multifaceted campaign that leveraged c360’s principles to maximise results.

The strategy

To harness the full potential of our c360 approach, we ensured GoodMove’s branding took centre stage – reinforcing their identity and making the campaign instantly recognisable. Ultra-HD cameras fitted on board captured every moment of the journey. The unit’s ascent into space was live-streamed, capturing the attention of viewers as they witnessed the keys’ adventure. Images of the unit in outer orbit, with the Earth floating in the background, offered a visually stunning sight – adding a distinctive cool factor to the campaign.

PR & Social Media

Embracing c360’s collaborative nature, we worked closely with our PR and Social teams to build excitement. We distributed our launch press release outlining the details of the stunt and supported our execution strategy with paid social posts to sneakily leak the launch date and drive awareness of the campaign.

We created an interactive countdown page on the GoodMove website, ensuring curious visitors stayed engaged, heightening anticipation as they awaited the keys’ voyage.

The search for the keys

As the keys embarked on their journey, our second press release announced take-off. Once the keys had landed, our third release marked the beginning of the treasure hunt, generating buzz and gaining participants nationwide. Supporting this, paid social posts leaked clues with catchy captions to see if people could recognise the spot. This resulted in local influencers engaging with the posts and people travelling from nearby locations to get their hands on the set of keys.

And the winner is…

To celebrate the success of the stunt, our final release featured an interview with the lucky first-time buyers who found the keys. Snippets from the interview were shared across social media with quotes from the lucky couple on what this meant to them and how it helped change their life.

The results

The campaign built 80+ links from key publications including Yorkshire Evening Post, Planet Radio, Home Building and more. We achieved 4 million impressions and GoodMove also saw huge increases in visibility and keyword rankings:

  • 22.1% increase in visibility WoW throughout the campaign launch month
  • 81.1% increase in visibility YoY
  • +8 ranking positions for ‘Sell house fast’ – a target term for GoodMove








increase in visibility (WoW during campaign launch month)

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