Mattress Next Day


Content Strategy



The Client

Launched in 2004, MattressNextDay is committed to providing the nation with a good night’s sleep. Offering thousands of quality mattresses, pillows, beds, bedding, and more from trusted brands online, and at their Kent showroom; MattressNextDay prides themselves on their low prices, and flexible next-day delivery service. 

The Challenge

MattressNextDay began working with us in August 2023 across PR, content, and SEO, looking to increase their organic sessions and conversions on-site.  

Their informational content sat across three different sections (guides/snooze-news/advice), so it was important we worked closely with their team to ensure all content was housed in the most relevant area.

The Strategy

MattressNextDay had around 400 pieces of content across the three different sections on their site, so our first job was to audit that content, and identify optimisation opportunities, as well as redirecting duplicate or irrelevant content. 

 From there, we created a priority list of guides to optimise, alongside conducting keyword research and ideation, to identify gaps competitors were covering. We then divided this work between ourselves and MattressNextDay’s in-house content writer. 

 MattressNextDay were removing the /advice/ section, so we worked with them to identify which guides sat best under their guides section (buying guides focused solely on bedding), and snooze news (a blog focused more around sleeping and lifestyle).  

We worked closely with both the Organic Strategist and PR Strategist on the account; ensuring we prioritised informational content that could link back to key product areas (memory foam mattresses and bed frames); as well as utilising some of our time to optimise priority landing pages.  

From a PR perspective, we shared roadmaps to ensure that guides we were writing could then be outreached to gain high-quality backlinks. 

The results

Comparing the results of Q1 2024, to Q1 2023, we’ve driven the following results from our informational content: 


Increase in organic sessions YoY


Increase in direct organic conversions YoY


Increase in direct organic revenue YoY


Keywords gained


Snippets gained


Keywords gained on page one

“c3 truly understands the value of strategic content. They worked seamlessly with our in-house team, optimising existing content to boost our search rankings and identifying new opportunities to attract our target audience. Their collaborative approach, open communication, and data-driven insights have brought remarkable results.”


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