Improving sessions and keyword ranking through a new content strategy


Express Bi-Folding Doors


Content Strategy



Express Bi-folding Doors is a leading manufacturing brand of bifold & sliding doors, windows, entrance doors and more. It is a family-owned business that has generated over 300 staff worldwide since its origin in 2007.

The Approach

Express Bi-folding Doors had a few blogs and guides, but the informational articles were struggling to rank, and the content wasn’t driving traffic to the site. To drive performance, we needed to optimise the existing content and develop a clear blog strategy that complemented wider organic focuses.

The Strategy

We performed a full blog audit to identify the keyword, internal linking, and on-page content opportunities, to strengthen the current offering and ensure our informational articles were able to compete across relevant SERPs. This was conducted alongside a landing page audit, to align informational and commercial strategies and support the overarching organic goals.

Following this, we also developed a new content strategy with blog and guide content centred around highly relevant longtail topics and keywords. The goal of our content strategy was to broaden the funnel of relevant keywords we’re ranking for, to drive new and relevant traffic to the site.

The Content

Between January – August 2023, we created 41 new pieces of content, targeting highly relevant longtail keywords. You can view the best-performing content from the new content strategy here:

Sliding vs Bi-folding

View here

Garage conversion: which doors?

View here

Bay Window Ideas

View here

The Results


Sessions January – August 2023

(vs 1,249 YoY, +288%)


Sessions August 2023

(vs 150 YoY, +539%)


Clicks August 2023

(vs 137 YoY, +579%)


Impressions August 2023

(vs 15,100 YoY, +531%)


Keywords September 2023

(vs 163 YoY, + 680%)


Keywords in positions 1-10 September 2023

(vs 15 YoY, +1080%)


Keywords in positions 1-3 September 2023

(vs 9 YoY, +611%)

Blog clicks and impressions overtime

Impressions – Black

Clicks – Red

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