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Today, the 8th June 2021 at 09.58 UTC, reports began circulating of an internet outage affecting millions of users worldwide as sites including Paypal and Vimeo began to go offline.

The internet crash caused by a glitch at US-based cloud computing services provider Fastly left million of internet users facing error messages on their screens.

The issue which lasted nearly an hour not only affected internet users, but also the bank accounts of our leading news sites.

We have revealed the estimated advert revenue lost by each site as a result of the downtime:

This is just a sample of the sites that were affected by the blackout, and the likelhood is that many more brands lost out on hugely valuable advertising revenue during the outage, we’re sure they were al releived that it didn’t last longer than an hour!

How we collated the data:

Using SEMrush data we took the global estimated organic traffic of the above sites and then averaged the Google adsense revenue per 1000 page views. Using SimilarWeb we were able to get average page views which gave us a total page views per minute we then multiplied this by the average revenue per page view given by adsense calculator.

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