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If you’re a charity or a non-for-profit organisation, you’ll have access to a Google grant account. This is money that is free for you to spend on advertisements within the Google Ads platform. If you don’t already have this, then head here to start the process.

Here are our five top tips for managing a grant account to make sure that you can maximise the budget and continue to receive the budget.

1. Ensure to adhere to the policies

Google continues to update its Google ad grant policies on a regular basis, with fundamental rules and how the money can be spent within the account. Below is the most recent list to make sure your account will not get suspended:

    • Minimum 5% CTR across the account
    • Minimum two ad groups per campaign
    • Minimum two ads per ad group
    • At least two sitelink ad extensions
    • Minimum keyword quality score of 2
    • Geo-targeting must be present in the account

2.Uncap Your campaign daily spends

Each Google Ad Grant account has access to $10,000 per month. It’s important that your daily spends throughout your account isn’t lower than the daily allowance. If you’re struggling to spend this with the limitations of a grant account, try setting your campaign budgets slightly higher, making sure your campaigns are not limited by budget or focus on maximising your bids.

3.Maximise your bids

Grant accounts have a max CPC bid of $2.00, which may cause an issue if you cannot place your bids to the ‘estimated first-page bid’ to get ahead of competition and make sure your ads are seen! One way many advertisers get around this is by integrating it with their paid account, which allows them to increase keyword bids above the maximum $2 CPC.

4.Utilise keyword insertion tool

Another way to ensure you’re getting the best quality traffic, is the keyword insertion tool. The feature allows you to automatically pull in the user’s search term into the headline of your ad copy. It makes your ads super relevant, and thus increases the chances of your CTR staying above the 5% minimum.

*However, make sure that your keyword list is kept tidy and that no unrelated searches will trigger and end up in your ads (especially if you’re bidding on competitor terms).

*Keyword insertion formula.

5.Take advantage of automated rules

It can seem as though there is a lot of added pressure to ensure your account is adhering to all the policy requirements set by Google. By implementing automated rules in Google Ads, for example, to automatically pause any keyword that quality score drops below 3, can help preventing account suspensions, as well as enhancing your performance.


If you follow these five top tips, then it will help you get the most out of your Google Ads Grant account and utilise all the platform has to offer. Check out our PPC page or other PPC focussed blog posts to look at further ways to optimise your campaigns!