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Through customer focussed PR activity we were able to take the Blacktower Financial Management brand and create PR coverage on an international level whilst supporting digital performance via SEO and driving significant volumes of traffic as a result.

The approach

The brief was to generate leads for pension investments, driving traffic and enquiries back to the Blacktower European and US To determine the best approach we first conducted keyword research and social listening to understand the key questions behind retirement and found that finances (specifically where your money will last the longest) were a common theme.

We decided to run a PR campaign which revealed the best place to retire in the USA (for the US site) and Europe (for the EU site) – the data itself ranked locations by a variety of factors, including costs of living and house prices which linked back to our financial theme. We created two assets (one for each) and hosted them on each domain respectively.

The results

In total, we delivered over 180 links and 51 media citations across 18 countries. Stand-out links came from sites such as ABC, Fox LA and the Miami Herald.

Although not a KPI the campaign also delivered a further 5 TV placements, which was a significant boost for what is essentially a lesser known brand.

The campaign has achieved over 18,000 visits to date, with over 10,000 of these visits driven by the links we have secured from external websites. Other traffic sources such as Direct and Organic have recorded significant traffic growth as a result of increased brand awareness which has been driven by the campaign.


links built on site such as Fox, Yahoo and ABC


Countries covered


Visits driven

“Since on-boarding connective3 we have been consistently blown away by the fantastic results, intuitive campaigns and the immediate understanding of our wider business strategy; all underpinned by friendly, energetic and seamless client service and communication.”

Aimee SpeightGroup Marketing Director

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