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We’re heading to Manchester today. But we’re not talking about football and music – even though everyone knows it’s the best city for both….

We’re here to talk about how Manchester has become a digital powerhouse and why we’ve invested in the city at Connective3.

1. A City with a History of Innovation

First off, we can’t ignore Manchester’s past.

This is a city that has always been at the forefront of innovation. Remember the Industrial Revolution? Yep, Manchester was there, leading the charge and 2023 is no different. The city has taken the same approach to the digital revolution, prioritising investment, skills development and innovation.

The world’s first stored-program computer was developed at the University of Manchester in 1948, laying the groundwork for the revolution in personal computing. Pretty cool.

You might not have heard of Graphene. It’s a form of carbon that’s just one atom thick but stronger than steel. It was first isolated at the University of Manchester in 2004. It’s now used in everything from electronics to medicine, and the university continues to be a global leader in Graphene research.

2.The Silicon Mill: A Tech Hub

Manchester has earned a cool nickname: “The Silicon Mill”.

This pays homage to its textile mill history while signalling its tech future. The city is bursting with tech start-ups, incubators, and digital agencies. Manchester has become a hub for tech startups.

Household names Boohoo, Auto Trader, and are all based in Manchester, creating a vibrant digital ecosystem with an array of tech companies specialising in areas across cybersecurity, FinTech, and e-commerce.

3. Top Tier Digital Education

When you’re trying to build a digital powerhouse, it helps when you some of the UK’s leading universities. Digital education in Manchester has produced a large, highly skilled workforce in the tech industry. They’re churning out savvy grads, ready to jump into the digital workforce. It’s the perfect cycle of learning and creating that’s driving the digital scene forward.

4. Government Backing and Investment

Manchester’s digital ascent hasn’t gone unnoticed domestically and amongst the international investment community.

The government has been investing in the city’s digital future, including a billion-pound project to create a ‘tech city’ in the heart of Manchester. And it’s not just local support. Big names like Amazon and Microsoft have also set up shop here, bringing with them investment and new technical job opportunities.

So, there you have it – Manchester’s journey from industrial hub to digital powerhouse. It’s a story of innovation, investment, and embracing the future. And while we can’t predict what’s next, one thing’s for sure – Manchester will be right there, ready to tackle it head-on.

connective3 Manchester

We launched c3’s Manchester office just two years ago, in that time we’ve won a number of brilliant clients based in the North West. Our team headcount has grown to 16 (and counting), and we have launched a number of events in the city, including our hugely popular Digital Bites series, and most recently our conference Up North, which saw 400+ marketers join us for a day of talks and networking.

Our team have firmly established themselves in the Manchester, and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for us as we continue to grow our business, and invest in this exciting region.