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Want to know what’s happening in the world of Digital PR from the 23rd to the 29th of August? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

With the summer holidays ending this week, there are plenty of PR opportunities to use as leverage, from International Happiness at Work Week and World Tourism Day to the most up-to-date report on house prices by Nationwide.

National Toasted Marshmallow – 30th August 2021

Rounding off a blustery and mostly wet August in the UK is National Toasted Marshmallow Day, a national awareness event which conveniently helps us wave ta-rah to camping season in the UK. This could offer leverage if you’re working with staycation clients, camping clients or, alternatively your client is in the food industry! So whether your goal is to get people camping, or to offer weird and wonderful marshmallow based dishes, then is awareness day is for you. Find it, here.

National Friendship Month – From 1st September 2021

Easing us into the end of summer is the UK’s very own National Friendship Month which makes room for plenty of very light-hearted, fluffy PR campaigns. This could potentially see Brits across the isles celebrating their nearest and dearest, so a campaign which incorporates social media could work swimmingly! A full run down of what the awareness day is about can be found, here.

Nationwide’s House Pricing Index – 2nd September 2021

The UKs largest building society, Nationwide are set to kick off September’s economic month with their monthly House Pricing Index. Visit their latest release page for full insights in housing-market trends, the market against inflation in August and predictions for the following month. You can find the full report on the Thursday morning, here.

National Wildlife Day 4th September 2021

The global eco-system, climate and being environmentally friendly is always super topical and can relate, in some way, to pretty much every client. This could be a great opportunity to reflect on the client’s industry and see how you can push an environmental angle in your next campaign!  More information on the day can be found, here.

National Be Late to Something Day – 5th September 2021

An unusual but fun national day! If you have clients that work around office culture, perhaps you could pull some data around pulling sickies in the UK! Or you could do a top-tips piece on time management and speak to a psychologist. You could pull a survey on the top reason’s brits run late – is it traffic, or is it Starbucks? How ever you decide to swing it this national holiday, you can find everything you need, here.

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