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Creating a digital PR campaign that turns heads and gets people talking is not an easy task. Although, that’s part of the fun of it! For your concept to stand its best chance, you must consider the bigger picture – specifically content and social media. But where do you start, and what conversations should you be having?

Picture this: you’re planning your next digital PR campaign. Then you find yourself asking, “what are the news hooks?”, “what is the shock factor?” as well as “what publications and journalists will be interested?” This is how it should be, but at this same time, you’ll need to consider content and social media strategies. Not to mention, how each element can amplify your campaign for further success…


For those that work in the digital sphere, you’ll know that your on-site content is your ticket to connecting with your desired audience. Simply put, you’re not going to be able to do that unless you understand and implement the content strategy within your campaigns.

Not only is it important for the content to be relevant and provide value to the reader, but it needs to trigger a response and result in an action. And that depends on what your goals and KPIs are, of course.

Now, let’s turn our attention to keywords, as these are imperative for every campaign. If you don’t check in with your content team, or you haven’t done your research, how are you going to know how to optimise your copy? We all want to be Google’s best friend, and by that we mean boost our rankings, but it’s not going to happen if you don’t take the appropriate steps.

There are also considerations you need to take if, like some, your client is an online marketplace with conversions at the heart of their strategy. This is because each blog post or campaign is an opportunity to turn your audience into customers.


To amplify your outputs and get the most of your campaigns, digital PR and social media must work together. After all, communication is at the core of both! Social media opens up your messaging; allowing it to reach an even wider audience, as well as presenting more opportunities.

Take influencers as an example. You can build a concept with influencers as the focus point, generating reach and engagements, while building links at the same time. What’s not to love about that?

However, it will only be beneficial if you’re reverting back to the strategy and conferring with the social media team for insight. The approach needs to be spot on, highlighting who the clients’ online audience is, what channels they frequent the most, what your outputs need to be, and so on.


Canine Cottages – Dog Workouts

Canine Cottages

One of my favourite campaigns was our work on the Canine Cottages Dog Workouts campaign. As, digital PR, content and social media worked side-by-side to achieve excellent results.

How? Well, we teamed up with our social media manager to find the perfect influencer and create all the social posts. We (the PR team) then researched fitness during lockdown and the best ways to do it with a pet, while building a relevant media list. After collecting this information, we worked with the content team, who created the on-site copy. This outlined how pet downers could perform each exercise from the comfort of their own home.

The results? Easy! We secured coverage on the likes of Tyla, Team Dogs and Companion Life – which we were more than happy about.


So, the next time you’re working on a new campaign, always remember to check in with the relevant teams from the get-go. And if you can utilise content and social media, make sure you do that, too. Trust me, your results will thank you for it later on!

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