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Whilst we are now living in a strange new reality where we queue outside of supermarkets at 6am to get ourselves some toilet paper, what has been very interesting as a marketer however is how brands have reacted to current events. We’ve outlined a few of our favourites below:

National Trust – Free entry to all gardens and parklands

As long as we’re not showing any symptoms of coronavirus, we’re being encouraged to get outdoors, exercise and get some fresh air. In support of this the National Trust have offered free entry to all gardens and parklands, their properties and cafes will be closed from the 20th, but I think we can all agree we don’t need to spend any more time indoors than we are already. Take this as an opportunity to get out there and see some of the great countryside that England has to offer!

Pret a Manger – Free hot drinks for NHS workers

Pret have a history of supporting the community, offering career paths to people who otherwise wouldn’t have found jobs, donating food to the homeless, and working to deliver sustainable products too. Today they’ve announced their plans to offer free hot drinks to all NHS workers, and 50% off of everything else, keeping our incredible UK NHS workforce fed and watered throughout the busy times ahead.

Iceland- Elderly shopping hours

The panic buying started just over a week ago, for those who are able to travel further afield to find their baked beans and pasta, this hasn’t been such a big issue, however for some, in particular the elderly this isn’t a possibility. To combat this, and to ensure that those most in need in society can access supplies, Iceland stores announced the elderly hour. Starting from this morning, store managers across the country have been allowed to dedicate the first two hours of opening to shoppers only of national pension age or older. Other supermarkets have followed suit, meaning that those who are more at risk have an opportunity to buy what they need, in the hours where the shop is less busy and has just been cleaned.

Jet2 – PR Crisis Management

The travel industry, and the airlines in particular were some of the first businesses to experience the impact of COVID-19, and for them it has been nothing short of catastrophic. For me, one company that has stood out however is Jet2. Their social media team have been (and continue to be) incredibly proactive in keeping their existing and future passengers informed on the status of their flights and trips. For those who are abroad currently, return flights have been organised, and in theory passengers will make it back to their home countries. From an external perspective, its brands like these that deserve our loyalty when we are able to start booking travel again. If you’re looking for up to date travel information follow this link.

As this situation evolves we’ll be keeping a close eye on brand activity to see how companies react to the upcoming changes ahead.

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