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Blacktower Financial Management achieved statewide coverage and links in the USA through a location targeted campaign ranking the best states to retire in across the country. The result? Headlines, TV coverage and traffic from Blacktower’s US audience.

The approach

To implement the campaign, we created an asset on the Blacktower website, featuring a leader board of the best US states for retirees based on key data. The data ranked American states by a variety of factors, including cost of living, crime rates, life expectancy and house prices. Each index value is attributed a result from 0 to 100 and then a final value is awarded from 1-5, to guide people on where to live their ‘golden years’.

The data analysed showed that the state of ‘West Virginia’ came out on top for retirees – meaning they can live their happily and comfortably.

The results

We delivered over 153 links across America, stand-out links came from sites such as ABC, Fox LA and the Miami Herald. This coverage was also mirrored in TV placements, which was not a direct KPI. But the campaign hit the headlines with exposure from internationally recognised publications – such as Yahoo Money, LA News, and ABC News. This is a significant boost for brand awareness.

The campaign has gained over 21,031 users to the site to date, with over 2/3 (18,873) of these visitors coming from external sources. Due to this direct and organic traffic has seen a significant uplift – driving brand awareness and amounting to an uplift in revenue.





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