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UK Coaching – The UK’s leading charity supporting sports and fitness coaches. Delivering support, tools, learning and research to assist coaches to be great and inspiring the next generation of sport and fitness coaches in the UK.

The approach

There were several key challenges that we needed to resolve; The existing Google Analytics setup was limited in the information it delivered, the team needed support liaising with development resource to translate requirements and support development implementation and testing and finally, key data structures such as registration events and ecommerce purchases needed to be specified and implemented.

The results

Working with the team at UK Coaching we established the events needed to be tracked. We established a future proof strategy, utilising Google Tag Manager and a data layer to support implementation of registration events to help capture the various journeys on the website as well as an ecommerce information for enhanced ecommerce tracking.

By leveraging Google Tag Manager we were able to determine which registration form on the website was completed by the user, allowing us to split out the key journeys on the website and deliver valuable insights into users registration and product journeys.

Working closely with the client’s development team we implemented the data layer required to capture purchase information and implemented enhanced ecommerce capabilities in Google Analytics through Google Tag Manager. By implementing these events our clients at UK Coaching now have enhanced reporting options to measure success of the website and monitor business performance.

“Working with connective3 has been a game changer for us. The team working on our analytics project are some of the best in the business and expertly blended our analytics requirements with a deep understanding of the technical challenges of our platform. Every team member from connective3 who worked on the project was a pleasure to deal with and certainly went the extra mile to ensure our GA installation was as robust as possible. We have big ambitions here at UK Coaching when it comes to our digital transformation and I feel that with connective3 we have found a fantastic partner who will be with us throughout our journey.”

Kristal IrelandDigital Director

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