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Doubling the amount of leads generated globally for Blacktower Financial Management through a highly targeted, international keyword strategy.

The approach

With a brief to deliver a more cost effective CPA, we restructured the account,  ensuring that ads were only shown against a specific highly targeted set of keywords in specific territories. We took a hands on approach, using opportunity findings to drive learnings which enabled us to further optimise through the use of dynamic search ads and responsive search ads to deliver multivariate test messaging. Audience targeting and bid modifiers allowed us to filter to relevant audiences only, this had a direct impact on the campaign results.

The results

We achieved a 35% reduction in CPC from when we took over the account. The adjusted audience targeting saw pages per session increase by 52%, bounce rate reduce by 14% and click through rate increase by 40% – evidence that the changes implemented delivered significant improvements.

Month on month our conversion rate has increased by 22%, our CPA has dropped by a substantial 53% and we have seen 166% more conversions – a great result for the team and the client!


Reduction in CPC


Reduction in CPA


Increase in conversions

““It has been a joy to work with Claire and will for the past 18 months. Their calm, friendly manner combined with their razor-sharp skill sets and innate field knowledge make for an unstoppable marketing duo. They are an invaluable extension of the Blacktower team and I look forward to continuing our work together in the future.””

Group Head of MarketingBlacktower Financial Management

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