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Friday is here and in true connective3 style, so is our weekly blog looking at what’s coming your way next week in the world of digital PR. 

This coming week we head into April, meaning we’re officially a quarter of the way through 2021. However, the start of a new month brings an opportunity to renew your motivation and look at your campaigns.  

So, here are some key dates to pop in your diary for next week: 

April Fool’s Day – 1st April

Oh gosh, is it really that time again? April Fools Day used to be a staple date for everyone in the world of Digital PR. It becomes a war of ideas, stunts, and press releases. Although the concept of “April Fools Day” can be considered a bit stale, it’s always entertaining to look at what brands do! 

Use these big stunts to inspire your ideas and they can often spark great reactive pieces. For example, if a brand comes out with a ridiculous new cereal, you could do some research into how many calories it might have, how it would impact your day, etc. And if you’re launching an April Fool’s Day campaign, I hope it does incredibly well because these stunts can go VIRAL! 

National Pet Month – April

Here at connective3, we have a reputation for coming up with some INCREDIBLE petthemed campaigns. That means National Pet Month provides us with an opportunity to flex our creative muscles and show off a little bit. 

Think of some incredible reactive pieces, put together a fresh and amazing campaign, and take a look at our archives!  

Move More Month (USA) – April

If you have any USbased clients, then this could be a really fun opportunity for a reactive piece. Health and fitness data is quite easy to come by and can make for really interesting reading. Plus, the health industry has so many different channels you can go down: health technology, food, and diet, self-care… the list is endless! 

Easter Sunday – 4th April

Easter Sunday, AKA chocolate day is coming up at the back end of next week. This event provides a great number of opportunities in terms of digital PR. 

If you have any Easter related product content that could be included in a gifting round up, then the start of the week would be a great time to send those out. Also, this is a great opportunity for a reactive piece. For example, you could look at calorie intake for a health client or Google Search Trends for a tech-focused client. 

There’s so much we can do in the build up to Easter, so get your thinking caps on. 

Stress Awareness Month – April

Keeping in mind the pandemic, lockdown, and working from home, Stress Awareness Month is going to be something that is really focussed on in the press. I’m sure everyone in the world of PR will be looking for a really poignant reactive piece, so put your creativity to the test. Try to think of something really creative, interesting, and engaging, but also remember how important this month is. 

Also, I would like you to keep in mind how you’re feeling and making sure you’re looking after your health (both physical and mental)! If anyone in team c3 needs help and support – we’re all here! 

That’s all from me folks! I hope you found this interesting and has energised you for April!