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Feeling left out and want to know how to make TikTok work for your business? You’ve come to the right place! In this blog, you’ll discover seven ways to make your business succeed on TikTok.

Many brands are now using TikTok to communicate and showcase their business offerings to their prospective audiences. Although TikTok is more commonly known to attract a younger audience, older generations still use this platform.

TikTok users are usually between the ages of 16 and 24. But if you think TikTok is just a fad for Generation Z – think again. TikTok has evolved from a video-creation app (solely meant for users to express their creativity) to a marketing and advertising haven.

The platform now has a whopping 800 million active users worldwide – and counting. Teenagers using the platform have become global stars overnight. Plus, trends on TikTok move at the speed of light.

Below, you will find multiple ways to make TikTok work for your business, what to post on TikTok and how to make that content as successful as can be. After all, TikTok growth tactics are continually changing and evolving!

  1. Do your research

Check out the home page to find all the current trending dances, challenges, sounds and hashtags and replicate them in your posts where relevant.

A brand that has done this extremely well is Fortnite. As dancing challenges became the forefront of content displayed on this platform, Fortnite leveraged this trend by creating their own hashtag challenge.

They invited TikTok users to their #EmoteRoyaleContest, which challenged people to create dances that could then be turned into official emotes on Fortnite game characters. Now, that hashtag has been used over 250 million times!


YOU could create the next Fortnite Emote! #EmoteRoyaleContest

♬ original sound – fortnite

  1. Grab the attention of your user

Make sure your TikTok video is fun, creative and unique – because you want users to stop scrolling and watch your video. Although your TikTok video doesn’t need to be high-quality or polished, the TikTok algorithm really despises this! Ultimately, originality should be the driving factor for your content, as opposed to quality. Also, add a caption that is short but impactful to grab the attention of scrollers on the platform.

Place a title on the front of your video and ensure it’s featured in your cover photo when posting. This is another way to explain what’s happening in the video to grab the user’s attention.

  1. Utilise every feature possible

When posting on TikTok, make sure you are utilising every feature on the platform. Ensure you’re making use of all the possible hashtags, but only ones that are relevant to your video of course.

To boost your video, include trending hashtags in your caption and the #fyp (for you page) to ensure your video is featured when users are searching for trending hashtags.

  1. Influencers


#duet with @thortful My dad is the best dad-dancer around! Show me some of your dad-dancing moves! #ThortfulDadDancingChallenge #fyp

♬ original sound – thortful

If you’re pushing a product, you don’t just have to show this off on your own profile, but you can ask influencers to push this out, too. Gather a list of influencers that will appeal to your target audience and ask them to promote your product on their page (while attempting a trend or start your own)!

For instance, we ran a TikTok campaign for Father’s Day for thortful greeting cards, using multiple influencers to expose the brand to various audiences across different platforms.

  1. Beat the algorithm

TikTok’s algorithm works by showing your video to a small number of users. Then, if you capture their attention quickly (and for the entire duration of the video), your TikTok will be shown to a larger pool of people. So, ensure your TikTok is interesting enough to stop them scrolling and watch the views roll in!

  1. Make it timely

Make sure you’re posting at the right time of day to make sure your TikTok video is seen by the greatest amount of people possible. The more people see it, the better it will do. Simple!

In the UK, the best times to post are:

  • Monday: 6 AM, 10 AM and 10 PM
  • Tuesday: 2 AM, 4 AM and 9 AM
  • Wednesday: 7 AM, 8 AM and 11 PM
  • Thursday: 9 AM, 12 AM and 7 PM
  • Friday: 5 AM, 1 PM and 3 PM
  • Saturday: 11 AM, 7 PM and 8 PM
  • Sunday: 7 AM, 8 AM and 4 PM.
  1. Test, test, and more testing.

When it comes to social media, testing is the best route to success. The most common way marketeers and businesses go wrong? By creating amazing strategies, but not reviewing what worked well and what didn’t after that strategy was been implemented. This really is crucial.

By identifying which content has done well, maximising on that and identifying what hasn’t been done well (and cutting that out of your next strategy), you can concentrate on the most successful parts of your strategy.