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We’ve finally made it to the end of this hot, humid week, which means one thing – it’s time to take a look at what events are coming up next week.
From World Wellbeing Week to International Sunglasses Day, here are the key days coming up that should spark some ideas to help you get great results!

World Wellbeing Week: 21st – 30th June

World Wellbeing Week, which is now in its third year, aims to promote overall awareness for various types of wellbeing, from social, physical, and emotional, to financial and career wellbeing.
This week is the perfect time to promote any kind of primary data you have about wellbeing in various areas of life, from different industries to age or areas. You could also highlight what your business or your clients do to support wellbeing, or offer expert commentary on the importance of wellbeing in work or schools.
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National Picnic Week: 22nd – 27th June

National Picnic Week takes place from Tuesday, celebrating everything about the Great British Picnic. It aims to offer people the opportunity to get together in the UK’s beautiful open spaces with their favourite people.
It’s also a great opportunity for those of us with food and drink clients to offer the secrets of the perfect picnic, or those with UK travel clients to gather their tips on the best areas for a picnic.
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World Writing Day 2021: 23rd June

World Writing Day was created to inspire people across Britain to start writing – be that novels, short stories, poems, or essays. This year, National Writing Day is all about connection. All writers are challenged to #FilltheBox (a post-it note sized box) with a piece of creative writing with the theme of connection.
If you have any content around people’s attitudes to reading and writing, creativity, or poetry, National Writing Day is the perfect time to promote them. Any clients in education or the creative industries can offer expert commentary on the importance of nurturing creativity, or you can even get your staff involved in #FillTheBox and share it on social!
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Bring Your Dog to Work Day: 25th June

We’re a nation of dog lovers, and our four-legged friends are known to help increase employee morale and productivity – and Bring your Dog to Work Day is the perfect time to show off your beloved pooch!
As things are different this year with many people still working from home, Hownd, who created the day, are encouraging you to share a picture of you and your pet on social media. Other organisations are invited to encourage staff to bring their dogs to work for a donation.
This is a great opportunity for any professional services clients to offer expert commentary on pets in the office, and for pet companies to get involved with tips for office dogs.
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International Sunglasses Day: June 27th

We’ve all been enjoying the fabulous sunshine the past few weeks, but, as lovely as it is, we risk doing substantial damages to our eyes if we don’t adequately protect them. Even on cloudy days, sunlight can still be strong enough to cause lasting damage to the eyes, which means that it’s important to wear sunglasses or another form of UV eye protection at all times. That’s where International Sunglasses Day comes in!
Created by the Vision Council to help promote the importance of wearing sunglasses, International Sunglasses Day is the perfect time to promote any research you have around the importance of protecting yourself in the sun. You can also provide top eyecare tips if you work with medical clients, or expert commentary on how to stay safe in the sun.
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We hope there are enough fun things going on next week to help inspire some great ideas when planning content or reactive opportunities. Want to learn more about our PR work? Head over to our PR page here.