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It’s officially back to school season, which of course means the start of autumn, otherwise known as the second summer! If the unseasonable heat has your calendar bamboozled, or if you’re just looking for extra PR opportunities, we’ve got you covered with what’s coming up in the world of Digital PR from the 11th – 18th September.

Parklife Music Festival: 11-12th SEPTEMBER

Working in the music or events industries? If so, Parklife music festival is not one to miss from your PR calendars. An independent music festival held annually for around 80,000 fans in Manchester, this year it boasts performances from the likes of Disclosure, Dave (UK festival exclusive), Megan Thee Stallion and Annie Mac, plus many more across the eight stages. Check out their website here.

Roald Dahl Day: 13TH SEPTEMBER

Arguably the most famous western children’s author to ever live, it seems fitting that he should have a day of celebration. It’s an annual global appreciation for his iconic children’s stories, so if you’re working for a company in the children’s retail sector for example, this could be an excellent opportunity to take advantage of.

Labour Market Regional ONS Release: 14TH SEPTEMBER

Released at 07.00AM on the 14th September, this report will reveal changes in UK employment, economic inactivity, and other related statistics at a regional level. If you work in the financial sector or even in HR, this release is a must for your PR calendar next week.

For more information, see here.

Greenpeace Day: 15TH SEPTEMBER

The 15th September each year is recognised as the start of the activist movement which began the charity Greenpeace. Greenpeace is now an independent body present in 40 countries around the world; and is at the forefront of the fight against climate change. If you’re working for a company in which sustainability is incorporated into your values, then this is a nice day to recognise and reinforce this messaging internally, as well as externally.

The theme for 2021 is Edible England, and this could work for any travel or food client – or even a past campaign, if it has an appropriate regional angle. More information on this annual event can be found here.


Hopefully, you’ll find this helpful when planning some of your content for the week ahead. Want to learn more about our PR team and the work we do? Head over to our PR page, or get in touch.