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You’ve done it! You’ve made it through the first week in January – and a special congratulations if you’ve made it through the Christmas period without catching covid.

As the festive fog lifts, and with most of the cheese and wine out of your system, we’re back to thinking about all the amazing campaigns we’ve got planned for 2022.

To help you get back into the swing of things, here are some events happening over the next week that might make a great reactive opportunity to kick off the year.

1st – 31st January – Dry January

Throughout January, many people take the opportunity to detox from the indulgence of Christmas and stay off the sauce for the whole month –this year more than ever, with an estimated 1 in 6 adults planning to partake.

There will be articles throughout the month around the impacts of alcohol both physically and financially that could provide great newsjacking opportunities for health or finance clients.

Dry Jan provides a great excuse to be planned and proactive. You may be able to provide expert insight on the impacts of going sober for a month or even a cool infographic showing how much money people could save over time by not drinking.

Houseplant Week (UK) 10th – 16th

Millennial much? That’s right, even the houseplants have a week to be celebrated.

From home interiors to health, you could investigate trends data for the most popular houseplants in the home or find those with the best mood-boosting properties.

For financial PRs, you could explore plant spending habits – maybe there are more people getting into houseplant debt than we think.

If you’ve got a client with authority on the subject, you could even provide people with some top tips for not killing their houseplants a week after they bought it.

Monday 10th National Clean off Your Desk Day

Clear desk, clear mind, right?

Whether you’re working from the office or working from home, if you’re a PR working for an interior brand, you could share some top tips on how to Marie Kondo your working space.

Friday 14th Afterlife Season 3 Release

The popular Netflix series Afterlife is back next week with its third season. With a 90% rating on rotten tomatoes, the show is a real conversation starter, and despite its tough themes, there are opportunities here.

For those working with pet brands, they could share expert comments on how dogs or other animals can help in times of sadness; like how Brandy the loyal canine companion does in the series.

For entertainment PRs, you could draw up a quick reaction to the series by utilising social listening.

Saturday 15th National Hat Day (USA)

Fashionistas, hold on to your hats – literally.

For Fashion PRs you could do a run-down of the best and worst hat trends or the most iconic celebrity hat moments.


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