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It’s almost that time of the week where our statuses appear offline on Teams and our alarms remain firmly switched off. But do you know what it also means? Another C3PR roundup.

From mortgage lending approvals to super iconic birthday celebrations, this week brings, as always, a wealth of opportunities for us PRs to take advantage of.

National Marine Week, July 24th – August 8th

A famous animated crab once said, “life under the sea is better than anything they’ve got up there”. Whether that is fact or fiction is still up for debate, but National Marine Week provides the perfect opportunity to celebrate our wonderful underwater wildlife.

This will be a great opportunity for travel PRs looking to pitch a seaside staycation story, or pull data on the most picture-perfect caves across the UK. Plus, where you’re likely to spot incredible sea life.

You can find out more about this, here.

World Nature Conservation Day, 28th July

In a fast-paced world, we can sometimes forget to look around and see how beautiful nature really is. We’ve seen lots of environmental conservation movements over the past few years (shoutout to my main woman Greta), and therefore environmental issues are a big focus across worldwide news outlets.

World Nature Conservation Day focuses on the care and protection of natural resources so that they can be preserved for future generations. This provides an opportunity to re-angle your best stories on sustainability and get those shocking, headline-hitting statistics in your subject lines.

Mortgage Lending Statistics, 29th July

A super important calendar day for all the property PRs out there. The housing market has shown unprecedented growth over the past year, and providing an expert comment is sure to get a lot of coverage by the UK press.

Do make sure you are being efficient; many other brands will be competing for that all-important comment. So, you need to get newsjacking as soon as possible!

Head here to catch the release at 9:30 am on Thursday.

International Friendship Day, 30th July

From the Zoom quizzes to the socially distanced beer garden meals, our friendships have really shown resilience to what has been the strangest time in our lifetime. Although, we can show love and appreciation for our friends every single day, the 30th of July is a full day of bestie appreciation.

This day is an all-rounder for PRs, who work for a broad range of clients. From gifting to survey research, it’s a good one to show togetherness in the face of adversity. Also, remember dogs are a man’s (and woman’s) best friend so you can also re-pitch any relevant pooch campaigns!

You can find out more, here.

National Cheesecake Day (U.S.), 30th July

Who doesn’t love a big ol’ slice of cheesecake? I mean even vegan cheesecake exists, so there’s no excuse not to tuck into some.

This is obviously a great one for all the food and drink PRs out there, but you can make it work for everything from furniture to fashion, too. Just think outside the box.

Whether you’re going for a proactive piece on the nation’s favourite cheesecake or setting up a viral storm by releasing a controversial flavour, the PR mixing bowl is all yours!

Billie Eilish Album Release, 30th July

This is one of the biggest pop album releases of the year, so if your target audience includes Gen Z, this is a no-brainer to jump on.

From broadband PRs to fashion PRs, you can make this one work by analysing artist Spotify data or even doing some social listening to find Billie’s most controversial outfits. The stage is yours to own!

Harry Potter’s Birthday, 31st July

And finally, the most important calendar event of this week. It is, of course, the boy wizard’s birthday.

This is sure to be an overdone one, which means your team need to think up a unique story to get pick-up from the press. Let’s face it, no journalist wants to receive another quiz on which Harry Potter house you are!

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