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Is it getting cold in here or is it just me? We are in full autumn mode now people, which means you need to get those candles out, throw on a jumper and be ready for the sun to set while you’re eating your lunch! 

However, just because we’re feeling a little bit cosier doesn’t mean the world of PR comes to a halt. So, here is your weekly round-up of campaign and client inspiration for the week beginning the 18th of October! 

The 18th of October to the 24th – UK Coffee Week 

Although deemed an acquired taste, coffee keeps our nation turning. If you walk down any high street in the UK, I can guarantee you’ll see people holding a coffee. Whether you like it iced or piping hot, coffee gives you a little boost to get through the day which is why it deserves to be celebrated. 

How can you get your client involved in these conversations? There are so many ways to use coffee as a starting point for some great campaigns. You could look at the effect coffee has on productivity, how much people are spending on coffee, or how to integrate coffee into your baking. You could even look at the environmental impact making coffee has on the planet… 

There’s so much you can do with this topic, and it’s a great opportunity to get really creative. For more information about coffee week, find out more, here. 

The 20th of October – U.S. National Day on Writing  

In the states, this day is used as a great opportunity to promote education and encourage children to get stuck into creative writing and reading. There is actually a national campaign every year that uses the hashtag “#WhyIWrite”. 

This US national awareness day is a chance for your client to share writing tips and tricks, as well as any education-focused campaigns. They could also share the mental health benefits of creative writing or even an interior decoration piece on bookshelf organisation. 

To find out more about this day, visit here. 

The 18th and 19th of October – UK Chocolate Week 2021 

Next week we also catch the end of Chocolate Week 2021. The UK are a nation that is chocolate obsessed, so any PR story involving chocolate is destined to get some traction!  

The best thing about chocolate week? It’s in mid-October, which is prime time for Christmas campaigns. Link Chocolate Week with your food clients’ new Christmas range, or use some social listening to see how many people start talking about chocolate during the festive period. You could even look at the impact chocolate can have in the bedroom… Just get creative and have some fun with it! 

For some fun, chocolate-y inspiration, scroll through this chocolate gift guide, which has been created for Chocolate Week 2021. 

The 22nd of October – Global Champagne Day 

Next Friday, the world will be celebrating Global Champagne Day – yay. This bougee beverage is traditionally enjoyed by the wealthy elite. However, sales of champagne skyrocketed last year, meaning people are treating themselves to a luxurious tipple more than ever! 

Use the topic of champagne to create some champagne cocktail recipe content, look at where people are drinking the most champagne – or how much people are spending per sip. You could also approach it from the perspective of a ‘champagne lifestyle’, and link it to a financial or celebrity-focused piece.  

I think the link between champagne and luxury opens so many fun opportunities for your campaigns. So, if you want to learn more about Global Champagne Day, visit here. 

To conclude… 

I hope some of these events have got you thinking about pro-active PR, planned campaigns and how you can work new and exciting ideas into your strategy.  

Now, go out, get your pumpkin spiced latte, pop on a scarf and do some PR. If you’d like to find out more about our PR work, get in touch with us today, or head over to our PR page.