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Leeds Digital Festival launched last week and announced an incredible agenda of 294 events for the upcoming festival, taking place 21st Sept – 2nd October 2020. The majority of these are, of course, taking place online, meaning that whilst networking in the more traditional sense is paused for now, we are making our events and content more accessible than ever before.

When we heard about the festival we had to get involved, although we’d have loved to have hosted an event in person, we unfortunately had to opt for a digital first event. Rather than doing a webinar, we’ll be hosting a series of talks that are based on our site, and are accessible to watch and re-watch at a time convenient for you.

Deliver growth from your digital marketing

With marketing budgets tighter than ever, its crucial that you get the most from your marketing spend. That means you need to not only spend your budget in the right place, but you also need to utilise your owned data and content to deliver the best advantage for your brand.

At connective3, our team have experience working with leading brands including thortful, Strata Homes and Wren Kitchens – throughout COVID we were able to continue delivering growth, despite the obvious challenges presented by the pandemic. We did this through creating adaptable strategies, which enabled us to pivot quickly as the market demanded, but by also minimising wasted spend and working to smaller budgets through taking advantage of owned data and assets.

Our talks will focus on the subject of growth, with our senior team sharing their insights into how they delivered successful, growth focused strategies for our clients. Find out more from what to expect below:

Benchmarking SEO performance: How to do it properly and why it matters

JJ GriceOrganic Performance Director

For my talk, I’ll run through the approach we take with clients from day one. From understanding their organic landscape, where they are and where we can take them, right through to how we formulate a clear strategy.

A big part of what I’ll talk about is the need to approach SEO holistically. Brands can all too easily focus on one particular tactic (digital PR in a lot of cases), but activity like this in isolation will never deliver the kind of results that a well-rounded strategy would deliver – thortful being the classic example here; so I’ll pick out some of the things we’ve done for them and the results we’ve achieved.

I’ll also touch on what we’ve seen during the pandemic specifically (particularly early on) where some clients had to rely heavily on their organic position as paid budgets were pulled right back.

To finish, I’ll talk about the agency-client relationship and how to develop a partnership that makes all the above happen.

Making PR work harder and deliver real business growth

David WhiteContent Marketing Director

In my talk, I will delve into the world of link building and digital PR, dispelling myths and proving that links from PR coverage can deliver more than just numbers on a spreadsheet.

Link building via a PR led approach is now a widely practised tactic used within the industry. The issue now is that people look at links as just a numbers game when actually, they can also:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Drive change in brand perception
  • Help you acquire new customers and retain existing ones.

We deliver links through our custom approach – strategic creativity. We created this approach to deliver links through planned, proactive and reactive PR tactics. Through varying our approach, we’ve not only been able to build more links for our clients, but we’ve been able to adapt to changes in the market like COVID, meaning we could continue to deliver for our clients despite the changes we faced.

Data Personalities in a performance agency

Alan NgTechnical & Insights Director

In my talk I’ll look at the different data personalities in a performance agency. Looking at how data fits in across different teams in the business, what insights excite and the skills needed to help you to create cross channel insights to deliver value for the wider team.

I’ll cover the tools you need to use, how to integrate them to generate custom dashboards to better view your key data points. I will also run through examples where data integration has helped us to achieve better results for our clients, taking advantage of their existing data to create audience lists, and using insights from organic to drive paid media efficiencies.

How to deliver growth from your paid media

Claire Stanley-ManockPaid Media Director

What does growth mean for paid media? Everyone likes to see more leads, but if you just focus on the leads, then you’re missing out on the bigger picture. From downloads to enquiries or sales, there are multiple conversion points for most brands. The reality therefore, is that not all conversions look the same. In order to better optimise your paid approach, you need to get to know your audiences better, and you should consider the value of each conversion differently.

In my talk, I’ll explain how to better optimise for paid media growth, through getting a complete view of your data and gaining a better understanding of your audiences so you can optimise for the highest converting audience types.

How to sign up

To register your interest, follow the link below, enter your details and on the day of the event launch, we’ll send you a password to access the content online where you can watch the content at your convenience.

We hope you enjoy the show!