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As a newly formed company during this time of working from home, it’s imperative that’s we all pull together as a team to ensure we all stay positive, motivated and connected. Here’s how we have adapted our ways of working to do this and to deliver our clients the same, if not better communication, service and projects.

Breaking down the physical barriers

We have taken all of our meetings and communications digital onto Teams and WhatsApp creating full company groups so we can all easily reach all of our colleagues, either as a team, or as individuals. For WhatsApp we have downloaded the desktop version, which is far easier and quicker to type on. Ironically Microsoft Teams is easier to use on mobiles and frees us up to use our screens for documents at the same time. These platforms are really helping keep our communication fluid and regular.

Team Collaboration on Microsoft Teams

Morning meetings

What better way to start the day than with a full team meeting via Microsoft Teams. We are setting ourselves up for the day ahead by having a team check-in to make sure everyone is ok and to keep spirits high. This ensures that if nothing else we’re all online together at least once a day.

The pets of C3 make an appearance


All of our documents are saved onto Sharepoint and can be accessed remotely, we’re strict on it as a company and as a result all documents are available to everyone despite working remotely. Our connectivity and technology mean multiple people can edit the a document simultaneously as if they were sat next to each other sharing thoughts.


We are ensuring productivity remains high by helping facilitate everyone to take their monitors home for that second screen, even if it means paying for a taxi to the office and back. It’s important that our work doesn’t slow and remains seamless for our clients.

Remote working set ups


Without the daily commute we all have a bit more time. We at c3 are taking that time to read, absorb, learn and develop. We’re advancing our approach and campaigns and building tools to help us be faster and more insightful.

Staff investment

We’re continuing with plans to to onboard new team members, the method has been adapted so that new recruits will receive their technology kits and will be virtually onboarded using video calls with Directors of departments. We may even do a welcome lunch via Teams!


Its important to stay mentally well as well as physically. We have taken our meditation Wednesday’s digital onto the Teams platform so we can all take 15minutes out to rebalance before carrying on with the rest of the week. We’re also encouraging the whole team to take time out throughout the day to get out and get some fresh air.

Digital PR Executive Olivia Wigg’s Morning Walk


Team’s that play together, stay together. Find a way to have fun digitally without leaving the house. This Friday c3 will be enjoying a digital remote pub quiz accompanied by a drink of choice at our laptops.

We’re only on day 5 with this strategy so time will tell if it will continue to be fruitful; however so far our team is pulling together stronger than ever.