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Ecommerce Dinner

On Thursday 29th October we hosted an exclusive dinner at The Ivy Asia in Manchester for marketing leaders within the ecommerce/retail space. 


6-7pm Welcome drinks on the terrace.

7-9pm Talks from our guest speakers around the meal courses, with networking and informal discussion in between.

9-10.30pm We’ll wrap up the knowledge sharing part of the evening by 9 pm. We have the room until late for further networking and drinks for those who’d like.

We were joined by behavioural science experts Dan Thwaites and Patrick Fagan from Capuchin agency who provided some practical insights into the psychology behind purchasing decisions. 

connective’3 Claire Stanley-Manock also delivered a talk providing some insights into adapting your performance strategy to drive maximum value as we navigate these challenging times for consumers

It was an informal and relaxed evening with drinks on the terrace, followed by dinner in The Geisha Room – a stunning private dining room located within The Ivy Asia. 


About the speakers


Chief Scientific Officer 

On the academic side, he is a part-time university lecturer, has co-authored peer-reviewed papers on topics ranging from facial expressions to Facebook psychology, and is a Sunday Times bestselling author. His books are “Hooked: Why cute sells and other marketing magic we just can’t resist” and “Free Your Mind: The new world of manipulation and how to resist it”. 

He has provided behavioural science research and consulting for retail and e-commerce brands as well as blue chip brands across various industries. He was previously the Lead Psychologist at Cambridge Analytica, and is now co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Capuchin Behavioural Science. 


Chief Strategic Officer

Dan Thwaites has been working in the creative, data and technology space for 30 years. During this time he as found and applied insights for a range of markets and audiences, nationally and internationally to drive commercial growth. 

During this time he has discovered and applied insights across a range of markets and audiences, B2C and B2B, internationally to drive commercial growth. 

His experience spans data, digital, creative, media and innovation and he as advised clients in retail, e-commerce and finance, and wider afield – from food and drink to clothes to cars, motorbikes and tech products, even funerals. 

He is now co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Capuchin Behavioural Science.


Paid Media Director

Claire has over 17 years of digital marketing experience and knows how to navigate the complex paid media landscape to deliver incremental growth for clients. Campaigns are planned with strategic creativity and delivered with personalisation to generate cut through, emotion and results.