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Content Marketing

The creation and distribution of creative, relevant content that gets everyone talking.

We connect the dots between content, PR, SEO, social, design and paid, to ensure that our content marketing campaigns are seen. Quality links and social shares will help to build your organic visibility, whilst paid channels will help to further amplify your content, building brand awareness, and increasing your converting traffic.


Our approach

The best content marketing campaigns start by knowing your audience, and having a great idea. We’ll speak with you to determine what you want your campaign to achieve, and then we’ll research into the conversations your audience is engaging with, and the sites your customers read, whilst combining this with keyword research so we can ensure not only will the content we create be shareable, but it’ll rank organically, too.

Working together, our PR, social, and content specialists will pull together these insights, to create a campaign that works hard to make your brand famous, and your customers loyal.

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At the heart of all content marketing campaigns, is well-crafted content. Our content team will work with you to create content that’s on-brand and perfectly hits your tone of voice, whilst creating excitement and intrigue amongst your readers.


From supporting design assets that can be used on-site and socials, to videos and even podcasts, our creative assets will perfectly complement the content, to create a cohesive campaign that people won’t be able to help but share.


Our organic and paid social teams will create tailored strategies to promote your content marketing campaign, grow your social following across key channels including Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, and drive more traffic and conversions to your site.


A great content marketing campaign isn’t just outreached once. Our PR specialists will create a tailored outreach approach and bespoke media lists, creating a story angle for each one, and, ensuring all relevant publications are targeted, to help build links to your campaign. And, with our PR newsroom, we’ll monitor the news daily, identifying opportunities to jump on the back of relevant trending topics to further promote campaigns.

Dedicated Project Management

Content marketing campaigns span across our entire digital marketing offering, with multiple parts needing to be pulled together at any one time.

For every campaign, you’ll have a dedicated Project Manager overseeing the process, ensuring the relevant people are brought onto the project, deadlines are met, and that results aren’t just achieved, but exceeded.

Take your content marketing campaign international

Our multilingual international team mean that not only can we create successful campaigns in the UK, but globally too. With a deep understanding of the EU and US markets, out team can combine their local knowledge and targeted approach to craft campaigns in all regions that you want to reach, delivering incredible results for your business.


Cohesive reporting

With so many moving parts in a content marketing campaign, it’s never been more important to be connected. We’ll report back to you with our combined results on all of our key stats; from keywords gained, to the number and quality of links built, reach and clicks on social, and how that’s affected your overall conversions and brand visibility.

We might span every team in the company, but you’ll never feel like we’re working in silos. After all, we’re called connective3 for a reason.

team members working in an office

Consultancy and training

Want to know more about the ins-and-outs of content marketing? Our experts can run a bespoke training course for your team – whether you want to learn more about how to bring teams together, to creating engaging content, or devising and implementing an outreach or social strategy, simply get in touch with us, and let us know what you’d like to achieve.

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