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We immersed ourselves in Strata’s business to create an audience led approach. Within just 6 months we’d delivered a budget busting strategy, with our optimised approach that saved money, and most importantly sold homes, with Strata now 91% forward sold for houses available in 2022.

The approach

We took a property development, location led strategy and overlaid an audience approach.

Strata Homes have very clear audience types who are interested in specific types of properties, all ads were also tailored to match the properties available and the calls to action then drove users to visit or enquire online.

This strategy enabled us to recognise and target key valuable audiences and then personalise the ads to drive clicks and conversions.

The results

Through a strategically led campaign focussing on Strata’s business requirements, each of their individual property developments, audience segmentation and ad personalisation we were able to decrease the CPA of people booking a property development viewing by an astounding 85%.

Cost per enquiry decreased by 25% and cost per viewing (the most valuable conversion type) performed way above expectations with this decreasing by 83% following our take-over of the account.


Generic click through rate


Increase in conversion rate to lead


Reduction in CPA
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“Working with connective3 has been a breath of fresh air. The team are extremely knowledgeable and proactive. Their strategy challenged what we’ve done with much bigger agencies and bigger budgets for years, and they’ve delivered some of the best results we have ever seen.”

Natalie WilsonMarketing Manager

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Through tailoring our strategy to Strata’s specific requirements we were able to deliver a highly targeted, and incredibly succesful campaign. Our immersive approach to client relationships, alongwith our team’s expertise empowered us to deliver this.