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Avon, a prestigious beauty and cosmetics brand has been a significant player in the industry for 137 years. Renowned for its innovative approach and commitment to quality, Avon has consistently evolved to meet the dynamic needs of its diverse customer base. As a pioneer in direct selling and a champion of women’s empowerment, Avon’s products and business model have left an indelible mark on the beauty industry.


The primary challenge for Avon’s ‘Far Away Beyond the Moon’ fragrance launch was how to effectively convey the allure of a fragrance through online platforms where the sense of smell cannot be directly engaged. This was further complicated by Avon’s need to overcome prevailing brand perceptions. Despite its storied history, Avon was often viewed as an “old-fashioned brand”, primarily associated with an older demographic. Moreover, there was a widespread misconception about Avon’s selling model, with many assuming it was limited to door-to-door sales, unaware of the modern online shopping options.


The goal of the campaign was straightforward – to capture maximum attention for Avon’s new fragrance. We developed a creative campaign that synergised influencer marketing, paid social, and digital PR, not just to showcase the product but also to drive consideration to the brand.

We crafted a two-pronged strategy that acknowledged Avon’s legacy of supporting women’s aspirations. Utilising their desire to inspire women and girls to reach for the moon, we simultaneously leveraged the influential power of ‘TikTok viral’ products, harnessing their impact on modern consumers.

TikTok Viral Campaign

Tapping into the massive search interest in ‘beauty dupes’ on TikTok, our objective was to make ‘Far Away Beyond the Moon’ a viral phenomenon. Leveraging our engineered product virality framework and PR expertise, we targeted an audience of over 9 million TikTok users who were searching for the term in the last 90 days.

Instagram Inspirational Campaign

On Instagram, we focused on empowering and inspiring women by showcasing people doing something that they love or talking through personal achievement and connecting these stories with the fragrance.


Influencers were provided with comprehensive briefs, with an emphasis on authentic storytelling. We encouraged them to create compelling content in their own distinctive style, acknowledging their insight into what resonates most with their audiences. The viral campaign was given a strategic boost across Meta and TikTok to further maximise reach and engagement and to capitalise on the opportunity.

We then targeted journalists with a neatly tailored press release, highlighting the significant viewer numbers the videos achieved, along with selected quotes from influencers. We aimed to secure the ‘viral’ tag and to draw comparisons with some of the industry’s leading products.


The campaign achieved a blended CPM that was an average of £1.54 and far exceeded our original objectives.




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“We absolutely loved working with connective3 to launch our new fragrance product. The c3 team took a creative approach to the brief and really understood our challenge, business, and target audience. This was one of the most successful product launches of 2023 and we were so pleased with the campaign messaging, content and results!”

Eleanor RyanSocial & Content Lead UK

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