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Recently, Meta have announced that they will be rolling out their Advantage suite to advertisers on their ads platform. This will affect the ways in which you create your campaigns, and the level of control that you will have over optimisations.

We’ve put together a quick guide on what this is and the features that will be available for you to use.

What is Meta’s Advantage suite?

The Advantage suite is a combination of current and upcoming features within the ads platform that helps you automate the setup of campaigns and ad sets. Within the suite, there are two products that will be available. These include Advantage product and Advantage+ product.

Here’s the difference between the two:


These features allow you to enhance your manual campaign setup with automated features. With this, you’ll still be able to control certain elements of your campaign and its settings. However, certain parts of your campaign will be automated.

Features that fall into the Advantage product include:

  • Advantage Lookalikes (currently: lookalike expansion) – This allows you to reach a wider audience from your lookalike campaigns by targeting users who fall slightly out of your LAL targeting criteria.
  • Advantage Detailed Targeting (currently: detailed target expansion) – This helps you to reach more users based on the targeting options that have been used in a campaign (e.g., interest targeting).


This part of the suite fully automates the campaign setup process. You will still have control over certain elements such as placements and the ad creatives, however, the rest of the campaign will all be automated.

Features that fall into the Advantage+ product include:

  • Advantage+ Placements (currently: automatic placements) – This feature allows you to select all available placements across Meta’s advertising networks, and will help you to identify the optimum ad placements for your campaign.
  • Advantage+ Creative (currently: dynamic experiences) – A feature that allows you to create a single ad that includes multiple creatives (single images and videos). With this, your creative will be rotated when serving to help identify the optimum creative asset within your ad.
  • Advantage+ App Campaigns (currently: automated app ads) – An automated campaign feature, which uses real-time data to adjust the audience targeting, placements and creative to help optimise performance.
  • Advantage+ Shopping Campaign – This is a new feature that is currently in beta for some advertisers. With an Advantage+ Shopping campaign, you will be able to set up a fully automated shopping campaign that will look to drive a higher ROAS through automatically optimising the audience targeting, placements and ad creatives.

What are the benefits?

Last month, when announcing the rollout, Meta outlined three areas that the suite will have for advertisers:

  • Optimisation – The automated features will help achieve higher performance levels from your campaign and sustain the level of performance for a longer period.
  • Personalisation – This allows your campaign to reach the right person at the right time and match them with the best ad.
  • Efficiency – This helps you to save time and speed up the campaign creation process.

So, why is it important to know about the Advantage Suite? Well, the rollout of the products is another step towards broader targeting for your campaigns and automating more areas of the campaign setup. With the removal of certain detailed targeting options and changes to tracking, these features will become even more important to get the best level of performance from your campaigns.

Here at c3, we’re looking forward to testing out the Advantage Suite’s features and discovering the impact that they have on a campaign’s performance. If you have any questions about advertising on the Meta ads platform, or would like an audit on your paid social accounts, please get in touch with us today.