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The last bit of information I read on link disavows for Bing was published in 2017, but recently they announced an update to their Bing Webmaster Tools and this included a refresh of their disavow tool.

For many sites, Bing will probably contribute a small percentage of organic traffic and for many it’s almost a forgotten source. But if you are working with a site that is dominating the organic space in Google, but seemingly lagging behind in Bing, links could be a contributing factor.

Let’s rewind before they updated the interface.

Bing required you to manually upload links one by one if you were using the interface, which didn’t make it very scalable. There were programmatic methods to overcome this with the API but it just made life difficult for SEOs. Bing still has their old documentation on their site about using the first version of the disavow

Bing’s new disavow tool

Jump forward to 2020 and their revamped Webmaster Tools is much more modern looking, but seems they are still in the process of porting across all functionality of their classic portal.

When you login to Bing Webmaster Tools head over to Configure My Site and then Disavow Links, there should be a link to take you to the new disavow tool.

The main advantage of the new tool is that it allows for bulk upload of domain/pages or directories that you want to disavow, there are also some quirks:

  1. No more than 100 links – there currently appears to be a limit of 100 links at a time when uploading via the interface so you’ll need to break up disavowing in chunks
  2. Not all sites are accepted – there seems to be some pre-qualification of domains before they are accepted by the tool, in particular sites with non common TLDs (or spammier TLDs) have a hard time being submitted, such as:
    • .xyz
    • .website
    • .site etc.

So it’s not going to be a straight forward export from Google to Bing I’m afraid.

Programmatic Bing Disavow via the API

If you want to programmatically submit to Bing Webmaster Tools via the API you can find the information you need for your developers below:

Accessing the Bing Webmaster API

Add links to disavow

Get a list of disavowed links

Extra information about the Disavow Link Class


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