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Digital Marketing Performance

Welcome to our Leeds Digital Festival event…

Deliver performance from your digital marketing activity.

We've worked with brands across multiple sectors with clients including Strata Homes, William Hill, thortful, Wren Kitchens and many more. We have extensive experience in delivering impactful and effective marketing strategies. Join our senior team as they discuss how we've grown our client's businesses throughout these challenging times, all through our unique approach.

So, what's on offer?

Grab a coffee, and join us for our series of talks covering Paid Media, SEO, Analytics and Digital PR – with talks outlining how to deliver the best possible performance from your digital marketing spend.


SEO benchmarking: How to do it properly and why it matters

Rankings shouldn't be your sole focus, to really deliver business changing results you need to look at the bigger picture.

JJ GriceOrganic Performance Director

Key Takeaways:

  • Its crucial to understand performance at a product/service level to identify opportunities for short and long term growth
  • Don’t obsess over one keyword but understand the importance of high volume keywords from a commercial point of view
  • Understand brand/non-brand traffic split to estimate non-brand revenue & conversions
  • Small on-site changes can often go a long way, but don’t ignore the immediate opportunities in front of you
  • SEO activity in isolation can drive good results, but when all aspects of your SEO activity are working together, great results can be achieved

Want to know more?

Follow the link below to view the slides in full.


Delivering growth from your paid media strategy

Break down your audiences to help you better target those most likely to convert, across a variety of data points.

Claire Stanley-ManockPaid Media Director

Key Takeaways:

  • Get your data house in order
  • Integrate as much data as possible
  • Focus spend on only your potential customers
  • Match audiences with relevant messaging
  • Focus budgets on top performing account areas
  • Test, test, test
  • Make sure your agency works in an agile, flexible and transparent way

Want to know more?

Follow the link below to view the slides in full.


Data Personalities in a performance agency

Find out how to manipulate your data to deliver data led PR campaigns, report on SEO performance and create better targeted paid media.

Alan NgTechnical & Insights Director

Key Takeaways:

  • Excel can help you build Geographical heatmaps
  • You can get postcode and population data directly in Excel from data – Geography
  • Facebook and Google make it as hard as possible for you to integrate their data
  • Work and develop in the platforms people like to work in
  • 50% of the time if your project goes into development it won’t turn out how you envisioned

Want to know more?

Follow the link below to view the slides in full.


Make your Digital PR work harder and deliver real business growth

Digital PR is about more than just links, find out how to make it deliver more for your brand.

David WhiteContent Marketing Director

Key Takeaways:

  • Link building is more than just numbers on a spreadsheet, it can and should deliver real business growth
  • An always on approach to link building should be the new normal
  • Offering a reactive element to a PR campaign allows you to navigate any issues that could be caused by an unexpected change in news agenda
  • Link building should always be done with relevant content and topics
  • Your content needs to work harder now than ever before, strategic outreach will help with this

Want to know more?

Follow the link below to view the slides in full.

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