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Digital Strategy & Performance Masterclass

Thank you to everyone who attended Claire’s talk at Digital Superchats #8 – Digital Strategy & Performance on Creative SEO session on ‘Using Cross Channel Data & Audience Insights to Ensure the Whole Works Better Than the Sum of its Parts.’

A connected digital strategy has never been more important, as marketing budgets are squeezed and the priority becomes maximising the value of your outputs.

We believe the best way to do this is by leveraging true cross channel learnings and insights, and using these to build a connected strategy.

During this talk our Paid Media Director, Claire Stanley-Manock, outlined how you can apply this approach to your marketing, by using a wide range of tools to create a 360 view of the market.

Key Delegate Takeaways:

  1. Connected channel tactics to enhance performance
  2. Top audiences / personas
  3. What is most important to them e.g. price, quality, reviews.
  4. Which platforms and websites are they using
  5. How they shop (the customer journey)
  6. What they are searching for

Claire explained how to use this data to develop a focussed multi-channel campaign, that pulls together to efficiently drive users though the funnel from awareness to conversion and loyalty. An actionable and insightful talk to help you dive into your audience information, and create a strategy that maximises your ROI.