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It’s that time again… what’s coming up in the world of Digital PR next week.

From Groundhog Day (yes there’s actually a day to mark!) to Superbowl Sunday, here’s our round-up of what’s coming up in the world of Digital PR and beyond next week.


Groundhog Day is a day marked in the US, where they wait to see if winter is likely to last another six weeks.

For those that work with US companies, this is a fantastic PR opportunity as every day feels like Groundhog Day right now for people around the world, so you could do a clever spin on this, giving expert tips on how to keep your routine fresh and survive the rest of winter, for example.

You can read more about Groundhog Day here.


With climate change becoming an increasingly pressing issue, World Wetlands Day helps put this front of mind. The day is in honour of the world’s wetlands and how they contribute to the environment.

For anyone working on any campaigns with a green or eco-friendly theme or brands that have a clear message on sustainability, this day may be one for you. It’s a great reactive opportunity to share key insights and expert knowledge.

You can find out more information about World Wetlands Day here.


Superbowl Sunday is something that attracts interest all over the world. The annual NFL championship gets a lot of attention on social media and is a great reactive PR opportunity for those in the sports, homes, and lifestyle sectors. An example of a quick reactive story you could run is a poll on social media for the best pre-game snacks,

You can find out more about Superbowl Sunday here.

Hopefully, you’ll find this helpful when planning some of your content for the week ahead. Want to learn more about our PR work? Head over to our PR page.